We all know that the Old Egyptians were very, very powerful people. Likewise, we all know that the Mayans were extremely wise and also equally as powerful as the Egyptians. Let's suppose that we could take the power of the Egyptians and Mayans, intertwine them, use them together, and then infuse them into ourselves. What if I told you that you could?? Would you be excited? Well, I'm excited. I'm excited because I can finally offer something of this caliber to our customers. <br /><br />


I obtained this piece via a top-secret source that deals specifically with paranormal archaeology. He has been to many places from the temples of the Mayans, to the Great Pyramids of Giza, to Stonehenge, Petra, and the Colosseum. He has given new proof of a once great empire named Aha Men-Ptah, which is the parent empire of both these great offspring empires. <br /><br />


Now, you may not know anything about a civilization called Aha-Men-Ptah. However, if I say the name Atlantis I'm sure it will ring a few bells. Aha-Men-Ptah is the original name of Atlantis, and was only changed for the purposes of phonetics. <br /><br />


With that being said, the constituents of Atlantis are an extremely brilliant race of people. They had an ancient form of modernized technology-- even better than ours-- that allowed them to predict the cataclysmic flood that was the demise of their people. As a result of this cataclysm the people of Atlantis were dispersed into two lands, those being the African continent and the North American Continent. <br /><br />


The surviving people of Atlantis that would become the Egyptians settle along the banks of the Nile, into the great race of people that would leave behind the most mysterious legacy to have existed. The other group of survivors found themselves in North America—more specifically the area the occupied what is known as Central America-- surrounded by the security of the two largest oceans in the world. <br /><br />


These relatives found themselves dispersed to far away lands, but never apart in powers and mystique. In fact, the magic and knowledge flourished in both cultures. Fast forward to the year 2011 and we have learned a ton of information from them, but we still haven't been able to figure out the means behind their incredible source of energy that allowed them to be able to practice their magic. We, as a race, have fallen so out of touch with true reality that we probably never will fully comprehend. This is why Haunted Curiosities is here to lend a helping hand. <br /><br />


This piece will bring you the power and magic in the cycle of the Sun. It will bring you the original, progenitorial powers that the people Aha-Men-Ptah were able to extract from the study of the Zodiac, and more specifically, the Sun. It was this knowledge and wisdom that was able to save traces of their people that repopulated different areas and cultivated energies and powers. <br /><br />


As you all know, the Egyptians were great admirers of the Zodiac. Everything they did mimicked astrological patterns and captured the energy of the Zodiac. Their structures, temples, shrines, and other architectural geniuses are a laid out map of Zodiac. A prime example is the fact that the the Great Pyramids are built to reflect the positioning of the constellation Orion. The Zodiac holds powers that influence how people think, act, and feel. Unlocking this magic will allow you to reach a higher existence and deep comprehension of Egyptian magic and alchemy. It is what gave the Egyptians their wisdom and ability to understand how the world works. From here they developed a system of gods and goddesses that were symbolic of the many powers and magics they had manifested to themselves. <br /><br />


On the other hand, we have the Mayan civilization, nearly 7,700 miles away. They also used the magic in the power of the sun. The Mayans magic was more geared toward time and time control. Their structures and temples also mimicked the astrological patterns found in the sky. These patterns governed to them their magic which allows them to be so spiritual and to control time. The spirituality of the Mayans is of high involvement. They are the ones that have the secrets that will let us peacefully transition into different ages, and time periods. They are the ones that used their magic to predict time and to control it. They developed the long count calendar, and several others with the magic of the Zodiac. They understood the Zodiac-- how everything that occurred in their surroundings had meaning and powers-- because of their high spirituality and the fact that they were so spiritually elevated and in tune with their inner beings, their souls, their existence. <br /><br />


This piece is going to do several things for you. First and foremost it is going to give you the understanding and knowledge to fully comprehend the coming of the year 2012. It is going to give you the insider's scoop on the cataclysmic events, polar shifts, and the coming of the Age of Aquarius. It is going to give you the ability to make the spiritual transformation that is going to need to occur within the next year, so that way you won't be left behind in 2012. <br /><br />


It is also going to give you the powers that the ancient Egyptians held. These powers include the knowledge and wisdom of the Zodiac and how the powers of Zodiac will elevate and life your spirituality and give you the ability to manifest magic and powers within your own core existence. It will give you an inner map of astrological excellence that will allow you perfectly replicate the oneness of extra-terrestrial existence and unlock your true sight and abundant knowledge. You will gain the wisdom associate with Sacred Geometry and your inner lightsource. <br /><br />


All of these factors combined will infuse together, relinquishing to you the powers of grand progenitorial race-- the Aha-Men-Ptah-- to you. You will gain the insight and powers associated with the Egyptian race and the Mayan race together. You will unlock the powers of the original when these powers merge together they will be that much more energized and they will manifest themselves to you ten fold!! <br /><br />

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