Some of you know the story of my father who was a ladies man and all the brothers and sisters I have,some I haven't even met yet. Because my father was very good looking and all the ladies loved him he made a few enemies with the men. I guess it was because many of these women were married at the time. My father was also a drinker and an amazing singer who sang with the rat pack on many occasions. Jerry Lewis was a best friend of his,Jerry Lewis was also a womanizer,what they called them back in that day. Because of how my father was there are many towns that we are just not welcome in,Mantua NJ being one of them. Trust me I know as I try to avoid the place like the plague. Even if it wasn't that way they have one cop who is insane and talks like Elmer Fudd and has the same mentality too! He tried to shoot a deer for no reason and trust me,me the people rose up! This made for as ride in the back of a cop car but the deer did live and he got away from Elmer Fudd! After Mantua is Harrison twp which would give their own grandmother a ticket,so lets just say it's slow moving through those towns with your head down,seat belt on and praying all the way you live another day in New Jersey! But we are not here to talk about them but there are two areas in Mantua that are so haunted you want to go. One is the Mantua cemetery and the other is called the disappearing house,one of my favorites. I have talked about that house before but this is about the cemetery. This piece your looking is Jack,just like Jack in the box and that is what he is except he is more of a Djinn but not really. I don't know what you would call him but I have had him for quite a long time. We did an investigation last year on the Mantua cemetery,we actually did three of them. This cemetery is also where South Jersey trains their ghost investigators. The place is that active! I don't like going there because of the whole they hate my father thing and I hate being arrested for nothing except a last name. But I go because it is worth it. The last investigation I was there hiding for hours but I can't tell you where as to incriminate myself. What I can tell you is while " down in the trenches" a man came to me,fully in my face with nothing but a mouth on his face,no eyes,no ears,just a mouth. He held out his hand and gave me this which is from the 50's I believe. Maybe the 1970's. It moves and opens to reveal a hard oil perfume. He said to me touch him,open him and anoint yourself,change your life and get what your seeking,all that you seek. I have to go back now he said to me and bent down and kissed me with his lips on the head. He then said he could see me and that eyes don't matter once you master your mind. SO I took the piece and touched it's head and I heard a voice asking me what I wanted. I told him and then I took some of the oil and placed it on my neck. The next day I found the car I wanted. I did it again and he was there and I asked for understanding of this item I have which is a crib baby and he showed it to me and I understood. Then I met with a friend of mine who is in terrible debt due to a new divorce. I had her ask and she got everything she deserved and believe me that was everything as he was abusive. Due to the ease of the use of this item,Jack I can't say it is a djinn because many times they can be hard to work with and this is simple and so easy. I have used it over and over again and Jack is friendly,loyal and has no issues. I think he spent time in another dimension going by the man that gave him to me in the Mantua Cemetery. The police chase is me having to get out of there after dark but obviously I did!
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