Granters of All

We got this piece during an encounter with a race of another kind.  Honestly, I don't even know what to call them other than to tell you that they are definitely extra-terrestrials.  We came into contact with them during an investigation at Chernobyl that we did a few years ago.  Apparently ghouls and ghosts aren't the only types of "other" beings that like to live in this desolate area.  I mean, if you've ever been to the place you'd totally understand what I'm talking about.  It makes the perfect home for those beings who aren't humans.  Humans would pretty much just get radiation poisoning and die or something.  Or else, they'd get really sick.  Whatever, the case may be, we weren't there long enough to get sick, but we were there long enough to encounter several types of beings.  Parts of our encounter and investigation have been listed to the website in various pieces.  This is another one of our finds.  
I can't really attest to how old the item is itself.  I mean, it looks to be antique in what our years would account for.  However, given the fact that it was given to me by an entity that is tens of thousands of years old would put it in new perspective.  The powers in this piece are more than ancient and that is what I'm getting at.  This piece was willfully given to us by a race of aliens that we found during our investigation.  That is because the entity that gave it to us wishes no malice upon the humankind, only to better them.  They are an ancient race that were using their advanced quantum knowledge to visit other galaxies during what they called a routine reconnaissance exercise.  They originally landed on the Sun.  This is when they found Earth and realize how far behind the curve we are.  They wished to help the human race advance, but didn't have that many colonists to spare.  Despite this, they started an outpost on Earth, stationed at Chernobyl.  
In order to blend in with their surroundings, they took humanoid form and that is who you see on this pin. It is one of the many humanoid forms that one of the colonists took.  His presence is locked into the piece and when you use it you can summon him from wherever he is at and he will come to you.  He works kind of like a genie.  This is because as part of helping humans gain spiritual enlightenment the colonists have been given permission to grant any request a human has made, as long as it doesn't compromise their integrity ( AKA killing, or extinction) or it doesn't cause the demise of the planet Earth.  It seems kind of refreshing to know that this very wise race holds high hopes for us as a people.  Perhaps we are just headed in the wrong direction and it will all be turned around.  
Either way, this ancient ET has seen the likes of Viking mages, Celtic Druids, Egyptian Sorcerers, and Mayan Witches.  There is really nothing that he hasn't seen, therefore there isn't anything that he can't grant you.  There wasn't anything that he couldn't grant before, but given that he has extensive humanoid knowledge, this just furthers his abilities and capabilities of furthering what he can do for you.  TO use this piece, you make something that spiritually symbolizes you.  This can be a doll, a pillow, a sponge, whatever.  I found that dolls look better for human representation, but it doesn't have to be a doll.  As long as whatever you use has something of you about it, such a a hair, a finger nail clipping, some sort of body fluid, etc.  It has to be able to seal the bond.  You will then jab this pin into the object and the wish granting alien will show himself to you.  You can then wish for whatever it is that you want and it will be given to you.  It really is that simple and you can literally ask for anything that you want.  Powers, magic, abilities, astral travel, time travel, wealth, psychic powers, etc.  He also holds exclusive powers that are native to his planet that I don't really have a word for.  He will show you these as well.      
Granters of All
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