Generating Genevieve

Generating Genevieve
The woman who brought us Genevieve,  Marissa, told us that she would wake up in the middle of the night hearing a baby crying from the basement. When she investigated, she would find a window near the doll open where it had previously been closed, and the curtains blowing in the breeze.

Marissa later told Deedee that after the doll was in our facility, she was no longer disturbed by the sounds of a baby crying in the night.

Genevieve has unusual powers. Many speculate that the doll has acquired these powers over the years, but since little is known of the doll’s history nothing can be said for certain. What is certain is the unusual effect she seems to have on everyone around her.

As soon as Genevieve arrived,  our staff and testers began to have weird and unexplainable experiences. Lunches would disappear from the refrigerator and later be found tucked away in a drawer; footsteps were heard when no one was around; pens, books, photos and many other small items would go missing – some were never found and some turned up later. The staff passed these events off as absent-mindedness, but this did not account for everything.

Genevieve did not have a permanent “home” inside the office when she first arrived. She was placed in the front room, facing the entryway, and visitors would stare and talk about the doll and her sinister expression. Eventually, Genevieve was moved to another part of the office where she was carefully placed alone in a display case.

Since her permanent placement in the display case, there have been many stories about encounters with the haunted doll. One tester was videotaping Genevieve only to have the camera light go on and off every 5 seconds. When the camera was turned on another exhibit, it functioned just fine.

Some people are very disturbed by the doll’s eyes, which they say appear to follow them around the room. Others claim to have seen the doll actually blink, and still others say they have seen the doll in one position and minutes later she will appear to have moved.

Genevieve is a lively spirited doll, that just wants attention. She plays her tricks to be noticed, as she adheres to have love, and will embrace you with the same regard!

We found out where Marissa got the doll, and did some research. Genevieve was cast by an Esoteric Shrew, who thought she would empower the doll with many strengths so she could have an assistant to help her in her occult business.

The only thing was that she did not have the time to talk and pay attention to Genevieve, so she did not relinquish the powers to help the Shrew.

Marissa was unaware of the spell cast energies, but said it makes sense. She had the crying occur once she no longer paid close attention to the doll and placed her in the basement~

If you take home Genevieve, and pay attention to her, she will grant you the bonded connection of her installed empowerments!

She will generate a release to have you be connected with your personal spirit guides, allow you to easily connect with the Universal Energy at the core of existence,  bring stimulating powers to advance your telepathic, clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities and she will bless you with powers of divination ~!!

She is quite the giver, if you merely show her attention and prosper affection for her gifts!


Generating Genevieve
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