Guided Pathway Not once, but three times Moses avoided near death encounters at the hands of the Pharaoh. His first two escapes -- as a baby and later as an adult when he fled to the desert -- were merely shadows of Moses' greatest getaway, when he led the entire Hebrew nation through the Red Sea and out of Egypt. What was the secret to Moses' talent for evading the Pharaoh? It was the mighty hand of God~! ** THIS PIECE IS A MERCIFUL CRY FOR HELP. THE HAND ON THIS TOKEN REGIMENTS THE MIGHTY HAND OF GOD --- REACHING OUT TO GRANT YOU THE BLESSINGS YOU DESERVE. OFTEN PEOPLE GET INTO BAD SITUATIONS AND THEY BUCKLE IN THE DESPAIR AND THINGS KEEP GOING DOWNHILL. WITH THIS PIECE YOUR BOND WILL BRING GOD INTO YOUR WORLD WITH THE APPEAL OF YOU MERCY AND BRING FORTH THE REPENTED DESIRES AND CHANCES OF GLORY TO YOU!
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