We made these items with Grizzelle, our Gypsy witch. She is always on top of her game and she always helps us when we need to make very powerful, white light items. These are a sampling of her power. YOu can't go wrong with these items because they are versatile in the way they can be used. These are beautifully decorated charging boxes. They are for one item at a time and can be used more than 10,000 times. You can use these charging boxes to charge any item of your choosing, but they are only big enough to do one item. They will fully charge your items within three days of the original day you put your item in the charger. The energy in the charging boxes actually comes from a megalith called Atlit-Yam that dates between 6900 and 6300 BC. It was once a holy shrine that is now submerged in 13 yards of water in the Bay of Atlit at the mouth of the Oren River on the Carmel Coast. Atlit-Yam coincides with a very important Ley Line that has been known for its magic since the times of the ancients, which is why the megalithic structure is there in the first place.
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