Our office is only a few hours from Atlantic City, and every once in a while we get the itch to head to the casino's!

Although it is months in between our endeavors we always notice one man in particular who would always be at Caesar's Palace. He was always at the tables playing different card games.

Let's just say he was "lucky" he was seen with piles of chips surrounding him every time we saw him; this is what made him memorable in our minds!

His job was gambling --- and he led a great lifestyle. I commented that he must be a card counter, but after talking with him we learned that he was as clueless as the rest of us what cards were coming up next. This also explained why he never got thrown out of the casino, because they couldn't prove anything.

His luck was implemented in token pieces that merged with the powers of the cards.

He had emblems of the King, Queen and Jack that are represented on playing cards.

These brought energies forward showcasing face cards be in alignment with his hand and allowing him ample opportunities to win.

I asked him where he got the pieces, he said they were given to him as a gift. After allowing us to see, and hold the pieces, Deedee was able to pull the energy of realizing that these were invoked with power from a Sorcerer and granted to Mike, the man, for a change of life.

Mike did tell us that his life was in despair 3 years previously and he was about to claim bankruptcy. He fought all the time with his wife and family and felt that things would never get better.

A friend from work gave him the token pieces and all of a sudden his luck changed!

He was able to save his marriage and repair stressed relationships --- he just thought they were lucky tokens, not knowing that they were indeed magically invoked!

Our customers look for wealth items all the time, and we wanted to be able to offer incredible pieces to you --- we made a bet with the man and if we won we would get 2 of his pieces... we wanted him to be able to keep is favorite!

The bet had nothing to do with cards, or gambling for that matter --- it was a simple riddle that we bet him he didn't know the answer to... he bet, and LOST!

We now have the Queen and King emblems that hold spell cast powers of luck to bring forth money and prosperity into your life!

These are remarkable items for blessing your life with a windfall of success ~

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