We all love this one here at HC as well as all of our testers. The reason for this is that it is a pendulum but not like any other you have come across. This is pure Amethyst with a sterling silver long chain on it. It swings as soon as you pick it up but there is so much more then that going on with this. First a little back ground on the piece. The sterling was attached to it after the Amethyst was found deep inside the Grand Canyon. This area to my knowledge is not known for Amethyst,yet there it was and not only was it found there but how it was found is also important. Most Gems are found uncut and need to be shaped and cleaned up. This was found as you see here. It was also found on an alter of stone that had heiroglyphs on it. Some of these markings looked like UFO's and some looked like people with slightly bigger heads,longer arms and it didn't look like they had teeth or a mouth even. When this ball was found it looked like it was spinning and in fact it was but stopped when Armedel when to pick it up. He is a very serious guy so when he tells me something I do believe him. His job is to investigate,locate and learn. Pricing has nothing to do with him so he has no reason to lie. He brings it to me and that is it,end of story. When he gave me this item he told me that he had played with it because it had been moving. The sterling piece on the end was already there. I added the chain. The reason I added the chain was because it looked like it had one at one time although I can't be sure of this. It could have been for all I know a knob of some sort or even a button. On that I shall never know. In using the piece I did so as a pendulum or I should say wanted to. I began to use it near one of the old coal mines in PA. But it wasn't doing the usual yes no answers. Instead it would go in a circle if I stood still but if I began to walk it would either go left to right or up and back to guide me where to walk. It had me walk into one of the mines and then started moving more right at a turn that had come up. I went right and found an antique gold chain. As I moved more into the cave it lead me straight and then to the left where I found a small sack of old sterling coins with dates on them from the 1800's. Now you might be wondering why no one else would go in here and have found them but it is because it has no trespassing.I just usually ignore those things. And the reason it has that is because at anytime these mines can come down or cave in. They are not much different then Centrailia in cave ins or sink holes. Because of this no one ever goes in and as far back as I was I'm sure that no one had been there for that long anyway. So that was the one thing I did. Seeing how it lead me to finding something of value I did take it to Hollywood to play Texas Holdem. Now while I'm good at reading people I'm not the best at playing Poker and need to practice a lot more. But the reason I went to Hollywood in the first place was because again it lead me there. I won with a full house of low numbers so I was thrilled. Trust me too a lot goes into playing that game. You have to bluff,change up your game,not scare others off and then also have a good hand. It is not easy to play by any means and yet I won. I also won BIG! Now at this time knowing that this is working as a pendulum I decided to ask it some questions but first asking for a certain spirit to come. It happened FAST! I mean as soon as I asked it. I asked as a joke to speak to Elvis who I don't have any big thing for. It just happened that it was the first dead person to come to mind. I asked if he had died when the media said he did and he said no. I asked if he was dead now and he said yes. I asked if he had worked for the government and he said no. I asked that because a lot of people thought he had. I then said I was sorry to find out he was dead and I moved on. I then asked to speak to the pilots of the lost flights of Bermuda Triangle,flight 19 I believe. I got two men that came through and this one was weird!! I said are you still alive and they said yes. I asked where are you and of course no answer. I said are you lost in the Bermuda triangle and they said no. I said are you here and they said no. I said are you in outer space and they said no I asked are you in Atlantis and they said yes! So okay I never expected that but that is what happened. I asked them if they liked it there and they said yes. I asked if they missed their family and they said yes. I asked if they were ever able to see them and they said yes. I left it at that. Then a friend of mine who is having a baby wanted to know the sex of the baby. I said you can so that really easy with a pendulum. I told her to lay down and she said she couldn't because while pregnant it gave her acid to lay down after eating. I said it will only take a moment. So she does it and that acid hits her so I hurry and take the pendulum to her stomach but it went upp near her throat and then to her stomach and it was all gone. She had no problems. Her feet had been swelling so I took the pendulum over them and you could watch the water leave her. With the healing I wanted to give it more testing as I began to feel an energy come from it like I had not felt before. It felt alien,for sure not of this Earth. A lady I know that lives next to me was having eye and back problems. The eye problem was not with sight but with a pressure she felt and it hurt her. The back problem was aching all the time and spasms she would have. So I took the pendulum to her body and it was sticking up until I went to those areas. Once I got to her back it felt like it was pulling down so I laid it on her. Her back pain and spasms are all gone. The same thing happened with the eyes and now there is no pressure. Now I don't know who created this or who had it. All I can tell you is what it does. I have not at anytime felt anything bad with it. All I have felt is positive energy. The only thing I can say is that after doing those four healings I felt like it needed to be cleansed so I did dip it into this special salt I use on some of my items. After I did that it was light again and held an almost joyous energy. My personal belief is that this could have alien technology but I can't say that for sure. PAYMENTS WE TAKE-PAYPAL.MO,CREDIT CARD BY PHONE AND ALERT PAY AS WELL AS WESTERN UNION. ALSO IF YOUR ON THE FORUM AND YOU GET EMAILED OR PM'ED BY SOMEONE OFFERING TO SELL YOU SERVICES TO REMOVE YOUR CHAKRA'S OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF SERVICE PLEASE CONTACT ME THROUGH EMAIL AT
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