Some of these wonderous pieces of wealth have already been sold off line so all I have is what is on the website here.

These are solid gold coins that depict the virgin Mary and Christ. What makes these desirable is what they do and how they were made.
What they do.
These give wealth,protection,power and illumination of the sacred arts and sacred communication.
These were made two ways. One was the Golden Cap Stone and the other gold mixed in was from the Cave of Treasures. Someone found that these mixed together along with the conjuring of the most powerful un-named angels would make these very special indeed. Now I have also been told that some of the gold comes from the astral crown of Marys head at death. I can't confirm that but it would make sense considering how well these work!
The wealth comes directly from the Cave of Treasures and the magic of wealth comes from the Cap Stone. The protection comes from the un-named angels and the illumination from the communication from Gabriel towards Mary.
To use this item you may carry it in your pocket as it is already protected by being encased,of course you may remove it if you wish.
If you don't know what the cave of treasures is it was the place that Adam and Eve went after they left the garden. This held gold,various gems and insence for them to use along with protection from Satan. This was a great book in the bible but was removed by the Council of Trent because it mentioned Jesus. Think about that and you will know why.....
 The great pyramid held a power all of it's own and was often visited by angels never mentioned in the bible. That is who Napoleon came in contact with that made him turn white and refuse to discuss what he saw. What he saw was the ending of times and the turning back of clocks.
The illumination is that of the strongest protection and power that is all but forgotten due to mind erase. This is when the powers unseen remove all your past life memeories. When that happens your natural ability at magic is also lost. These bring it back!
I don't have a lot of them but get them while you can.
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