This piece has been made in accordance to the diary of one Giles Corey.  He held a special knowledge that he did not want released into the wrong hands.  He knew that the Salem Witch trials was just a widespread attempt by the church to confiscate and use the powers of those who have been bestowed with a secret manifest of witchcraft powers.  The powers are attributed to the great Mother Goddess, who according to Giles Corey and his diary is the soul of the living Earth.  This is the presence from which all witch craft powers are formed.

Believe me when I tell you that the church fervently tried their hand at extracting the information from Giles Corey.  When publicly accusing Giles of witch craft didn't make him confess, he was subjected to torture.  He was put into a pressing machine, but neither entered a plea of guilty or not guilty.  Then, the officials accused his wife Martha of witch craft and tortured her as well.  still Giles didn't say a word.  They both were eventually burned at the stake,with the secrets going with them to the grave.  The diary of Giles was hidden in a cave somewhere in Massachusetts and without drawing this out to make it longer, we found it during an investigation.  

This piece extracts the knowledge of Giles Corey's secret doctrine of witchcraft magic. The piece will allow you many different types of magic including moon magic, astral magic, astrological magic, sorcery, alchemy, elemental magic, transformational magic, mediumship, psychic awakening, transcendental magic, and a host of other types of magic that will be revealed to you when you use the piece.  If you are looking for a piece to help to either give you the craft or help perfect your own, then this is the piece you want!!

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