From the Vatican: the Vial of Life

Six years ago, in the year 2005, Maricia Irina Cornici turned up at a remote Romanian Orthodox monastery in Tanacu.  She was there to visit her brother, who was a monk among the local order.  She was 23 when she was welcomed into the fold, but quickly after, she began laughing and giggling during Mass.  She would hurl insults at the priest, spit out her communion elements, and once even spit in the face of one of the church's elders.  

As the media reports, Miss Cornici was diagnosed by local doctors as having schizophrenia.  She wasn't medicated, because it was against her religious beliefs.  She was released to the monastery's devout priest, Father Corogeanu.  He and numerous other nuns in the convent knew she was possessed and knew that they had to take action.  They began an exorcism, in which, she supposedly died. 

When the authorities were called, Father Corogeanu and four nuns were eventually charged withCornici's "imprisonment leading to death." Father was given 14 years in prison by the supposed death and the monastery was shut down forever.  He was quoted as saying that you can't take the Devil out of a person with pills.  He is currently serving his prison sentence at a local prison in Romania.  

The thing of it is that Cornici never really died.  Although it was staged as a death, and the Father, through his devout submission to the will of the church has to undergo 14 years of imprisonment,Cornici is actually still alive and doing well.  In fact, the reason she was taken from the convent was due to the fact that her possession was too strong for Father Corogeanu to handle on his own.  Cornici was taken to the Vatican where she was turned into local priests who elevated the request for help.  Eventually Cornici's possession was dubbed so out of control that she was taken to a room called the possession chamber, which only the Pope and several of his highest ranking officials are allowed to enter.  

As you all know, Catholics are infamous for trying to cover things up that could possibly blemish their church.  There is a bunch of Satanic shit going in the Catholic Church that could possible dismantle the idea of all the Holy Work they claim to do.  This is probably how Cornici was possessed in the first place.  When the Catholics found out that the poor girl was possessed by several strong demons including Lucifer, Judas Iscariot, and Belial themselves, they wondered how the will of one person could keep her alive for so long, living with such powerful demons.  

Either way, the woman was extremely pious and devout and her faith in Christ kept her alive for so long.  The holy water that she was given, called the Elixir of Life was given to her from this bottle.  Don't ask me how we came across this item, because I can't tell you.  It would compromise future possible items we could come in contact with.  The point is that we have it.  

This piece was made to look like a seemingly normal antique piece.  A lot of the Catholics power pieces and magic pieces are designed the same way-- as to not draw attention to the power that they actually do have.  However, this piece was made using a sampling of Christ's own blood from the spear of Longinus that-- if you remember-- is still locked up in a secret chamber of the Pope.  It has been given the spiritual qualities and anointing of Christ's own blood and the power in this vial is eternal and will never stop working.  

This piece gives extreme white light anointing to whomever possesses it.  It is called the Vial of Life and when you place a liquid inside of the vial, the liquid is hence transformed into a holy, white light potion known as the Elixir of Light.  Just as Cornici has now become, those of you who drink the Elixir of Life will experience a complete white light atonement and holy transformation.  You will washed of ANY and ALL evil that you may encounter.  You iniquities will fall from your soul like leave fall from a tree during the fall.  Your aura will be cleansed and the light of your soul will begin to shine through.  It is when you are in this perfect state of atonement that your mind will be elevated and you will shed your mortal qualities.  You will be given the ability to see into the the 7 Heavens to confer with the angels and obtain the spirituals powers and magic. This piece is extremely rare and I'm pretty sure you will never come across something of this nature again.  If what you desire is 100%, POWERFUL, DIVINE WHITE LIGHT MAGIC AND SORCERY, then this is definitely the piece for you, as it comes straight from the source!

From the Vatican: the Vial of Life
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