Fracoise Dorleac Doll

The Island of the Dolls is very creepy place and is situated between the canals of Xochimico, just south of Mexico City.  The island is dedicated to the lost soul of some young girl who died at a very young age.  Her fate came not only too soon, but was also surrounded by controversy.  It was never found out what the girl was doing so close to the water or how she managed to drown. 
Shortly after the caretaker of the island found the body, he found a doll floating in the water.  He hung the doll up in order to placate the soul of the dead girl.  Unfortunately, the girl haunted the man, who kept on hanging these strange dolls all over the island.  After time passed, he realized that the dolls he was placing around the island had become possessed with the spirits of the dead.  This is because the island serves as a vortex into the spirit world.  Once he put a vessel there, it gave the girl a medium in which to travel.  The rest is pretty much common sense.  As he put more and more dolls up, and as the tradition caught on, you can imagine the island became a wasteland of lost souls in the bodies of creepy dolls.  
We visited the Island of the Dolls on investigation.  It is one of the most surreal places that you will ever visit, if you have the guts to go there in the first place.  We were taken by canal boat to the island.  As we neared the island, we could hear the spirits of the dead calling to us from the mouths of the dolls.  They called to us like sirens, begging us to visit their desolate island.  For what reason, I know not.  We took protection pieces with us, so we couldn't fall under any of the souls' traps.  Heads hanging on branches turned and watched us as we made way to the island.  Limbs of dolls reached out to us, as if trying to drag us to the underworld with them.  
We took several mediums and transcendence agents with us, in order to make these dolls.  In order for us to pull a soul through they had to have something to offer us, either in the way of a mystical ability, psychic ability, metaphysical power, or any other number of interesting supernatural characteristics.  They have all come willingly, as they all feel their time on Earth was cut short with no purpose.  These are their stories.  
Francoise Dorleac was once an aspiring young actress.  She appeared in French plays and films alike.  Titles that she starred in include L'Homme de Rio, La Peau douce, and Cul-de-sac.  At the age of twenty-five she had it all.  She was young, sexy, and bound for international stardom.  Her spunky attitude and passion for the performing arts made her an extremely valuable asset to any film.  She had an addictive personality and there are those that said she even had the air of an enchantress.  Everybody who met her fell in love with her the minute they met her.  
Unfortunately for Francoise, tragedy would take it toll on June 26, 1967.  She was racing for the airport in Nice, France.  She was only a couple of miles away from Nice when the Renault 10 she had rented struck a sign post, flipped over, and burst into flames.  She was pronounced dead on the scene, with police only being able to identify her by a fragment of a check book, a diary, and her driver's license, all of which miraculously survived the fire.  
What Francoise really wants is a second chance to accumulate wealth and stardom.  Her passion was fame and fortune as she was determined to make it to the big screen before her fiery demise.  She has been conjured into this doll and she is even more active than most.  She wants what she wants and she is not afraid to work hard for it.  She wants to bring you fame and fortune, so that way she can live her dream through you.  If fame and fortune is what you desire, then this doll is the one for you.  
Francoise is very active, as she was in life.  She is not shy at all.  She will sit with you and speak with you.  She will answer any question about her life or life in general that you may have including questions about the afterlife.  She also loved to sing and dance, so it is not uncommon that you will find her singing and dancing all over your home.  She does realize that she is a doll now, although you'd never really be able to tell the difference.  She will be calm when you have company, if you want her to be.  If you don't care, or when it is just the two of you she will dance all over your home.  She gets along well with pets and will even help you with your daily chores, if you're okay with that.  You will find that she cares for herself.  She will brush her own hair and clean her own dress, but she doesn't mind a little help from time to time, if you choose to take a more active role. 
Being as she has been to the spirit world, her inherited ability is to bring wealth and success, or fame and fortune, to those she comes in contact with.  You don't need to do anything special in order for her to bring these attributes to you.  This is because she wanted to come back to life specifically for that purpose.  The only thing she asks is that when you do hit the big time, you take her with you when you travel.  This is so she can experience the life of a star.  Other than that the extensive wealth that she is going to bring you will be yours to do with what you want.
Fracoise Dorleac Doll
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