Foot in Mouth Syndrome

Foot in Mouth Syndrome Do you have the problem of stating things without thinking first? You give your opinion on things that you maybe do not have the right to do so? Not everyone cares what you have to say, and sometimes saying the wrong thing will hinder your life. I know many people who were arguing with someone and said something nasty, later to be applying for a job and long and behold the hiring manager is the mother of the person they just told off~! Many people do not think about how the aspects of what they do and say today will affect them in the future! This necklace houses an empowered butterfly charm that allows you to blossom and change the faceted outlook that others have of you, as well as help you to get out of the cocoon in your mind and fly the thoughts of the situation before making any comments. Do not be petty and allow miniscule things to cause problems and issues for you in the future. As Eleanor Roosevelt stated -- "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" -- believe in yourself and the passions of your future when you allow yourself to adapt your bad habit of saying things without utilizing your thought processes. An incredible piece that will regiment you with new glory to expand your horizon.... and allow you to take your foot out of your mouth once and for all~
Foot in Mouth Syndrome
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