Final Warfare; Saint Therese Pray For Us

Turn on the television and watch a bit of news.  We have Muslims executing Christians for no reason other than the fact that their Christian.  There are wars and rumors of wars.  Israel is surrounded by her enemies.  Here in America, we have had to remove all references of God, down to the tiniest "Under God" found in the Pledge of Allegiance.  In our current times, the Devil is busier than ever, trying to grow his army for the final battle against good and evil.  What he doesn't know is that evil will never prevail.  Evil is a necessity for good to exist, which is why Lucifer is allowed to reign for his time on Earth.  Good will always prevail, though.  He knows this.  He used to sit at the right hand of God's throne.  He knows just about all that God does, except for the final plans of the End Times.  This is why he has been here on Earth spreading his evil ways, trying to desperately to build strength in numbers; but his efforts are no good.  He might as well admit defeat, but spending hopeless days on Earth is far better than spending even one second in the pits of Hell.  That's why he stays-- and of course to, again, try to build his army.  He's pathetic.  

Keeping all of this in mind, we have felt his presence more than ever.  Besides what I've just shared with you, there has been a deep spiritual attack among believers.  You see, he already has the hearts and minds of those he has won over.  Just like the Bible said, the way to Heaven is straight and narrow.  For those of us who walk on the straight and narrow, it can be easy to fall off.  This is why he has set to attacking those who believe.  The solar alignment of 2012 was more than what we thought it was.  The Mayans were right in predicting that there was to be a change, a rift in spirituality if you will.  This is because the Devil was finally given reign over the Earth.  He was allowed to let his demons in.  This was done for two reasons.  First, because it is necessary for the balance of good and evil-- yin and yang if you will.  Second, it was done as to test the believers so God knows which ones he can actually count on.  Not saying he is going to damn those to Hell who slip up and make mistakes.  That is what Jesus died for.  Rather, he needs to know who the strongest are.  

In these days it's hard to tell, too.  Reports of demonic possessions have skyrocketed.  The Catholic Church has reported more exorcisms than ever and in the last ten years has had to bring on 10x the amount of exorcists than ever before.  There are five or six hundred evangelical exorcism agencies in America possibly even more than that.  The message is clear folks-- we are under spiritual attack. The question is, what can we do about it?  Well, as for the Catholics the process by which one is rid of demons (if the attempts are even successful) is highly developed and well thought out ritual.  It is planned well in advance, as it should be, to curb any risks involved with spiritual warfare.  The appropriate people are summoned and the relics are brought in and then the exorcism begins.  This is all cool and all, but what do you do when you aren't possessed?  What is there to be done when you can't get the Catholic Church to send someone it, even if you do happen to be possessed.  Just because you are levitating, vomiting on people, or being marked up and scarred doesn't mean that you can't be the victim of spiritual warfare.  Well, then you get an item like this one!  

This item is an original piece from the collection of a very renowned exorcist.  I'm not going to give names, because he asked to remain unidentified, because of the risks he runs with the Devil trying to win him over.  However, this item that he gave to us is one that he has used to drive out many demons.  It is a rosary, with a medallion of St Therese, the little flower of Jesus, that says "Pray for us Therese."  If you don't know the story of St Therese, you should look it up.  In brief, she was a very determined young girl.  When she was denied the right to serve Jesus as a Carmelite Nun, she went on a Pilgrimage and during a public appearance, forced the Pope to listen to what she had to say.  The Pope then gave the order that she was to be allowed to join the convent.  While in the convent she sacrifice almost every day, as she was constantly taunted, because she was the youngest.  She was determined to serve the Lord though, and remained tough until the young age of 24 when God called her back to his kingdom, specifically to help fight spiritual warfare. One of St Therese's final promises is that she will be back.  The Kingdom of Earth is her Heaven, she said, because she desired much to help people with their problems.  

This piece is a fulfillment of Saint Therese's promise.  This piece is the ultimate protection device and when you wear it, it will create a spiritual bubble around you that will keep you safe from any and all evil.  It will drive all evil from out of your life and ward evil off from entering it.  You can use this piece to drive out your own demons, or you can use it to drive out the demons of those around you.  This piece says, "Saint Therese, Pray For Us," but this piece will do so much more.  It will invoke the Saint to be by your side, to watch over you like a guardian angel and to help you fight spiritual warfare on all fronts.  It will give you a spiritual white-washing that will allow you feel the direct powers right from God and you will be given the ability to command all entities and use all the powers of the Tree of Knowledge.  You will become a white light beacon in the battle of good versus evil, which will reward you with a spot by God's throne when the New Jerusalem falls to Earth, after Satan has been cast into his final resting pit.  Who wouldn't jump at this opportunity?  Even if you're a non-believer-- rather safe than sorry.  Besides the magic you get with this piece in creating an inner white light is incredible.  Don't miss your chance!  Get it today!    
Final Warfare; Saint Therese Pray For Us
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