Faceless Ones

In order to make this piece, we summoned the angel who served as the Keeper of the Kingdoms.  Basically these are higher ranking type of angel, not quite archangels, that are designated to watch over different kingdoms of Heaven.  It is a common misconception for people to think of Heaven as one huge white light realm that exists where people go to when they die to dance on streets of gold.  I'm not saying that all of these characteristics aren't correct.  Rather what I'm saying is that just like all of existence, Heaven is comprised of different levels and realms.  These are called Kingdoms and each Kingdom has a Keeper who reports directly to God as to the state of their specific jurisdiction.
The Keeper that we conjured was the Keeper of the Kingdom of Faceless Ones.  The Faceless Ones are merely empty life forms that God has yet to breath his Heavenly Life into.  Thus, they are living, but they serve no purpose.  Thinking about it, a lot of humans fall into this category also.  However, these faceless ones are entities of their own.  Each one will be given a face when the time comes.  God keeps them as life forms, so that way He can cast life into them as he sees fit.  For instances, he can use these lifeforms to create an angel, a demon, a griffin, a human, an elephant if that is what he really needed.  They are basically white light golems that are awaiting their purpose.  
In conjuring the Keeper of this kingdom, we were able to make this piece using its energies.  This piece allows you to make your own white light faceless ones.  It will birth one at a time, every seventh day of its existence.  This means you can birth one new faceless entity per week.  When you birth this entity you will be able to breath life into it.  By this I mean, you will be able to tell it to get up and become whatever it is that you want it to become.  You can create vampires, werewolves, angels, fairies, leprechauns, etc.  Whatever it is you want your form to take, it will take.  As it grows, the entity will remain subservient.  You will even assume the ability to take on whatever powers your form develops, as per the type of creature you tell your golem to become.  For instance, if you tell your faceless one to become a djinn, then it will grant you wishes when it matures.  If you birth an angel, it might give you white light healing or ascension into Heaven.  If you birth a werewolf, you will gain the ability to shape-shift.  The list of creatures goes on and on, because with the Faceless form, you will be able to create any entity you want, simply by telling it to get up and take that form.  
To use this piece will place a drop of your own blood on the back of the clip.  You then will write down what you want to birth and clip in to the back of the face.  You will then light a candle and put your item in the light of this candle.  Let the candle burn all the way down.  When it has, then your creature will be born.  
Faceless Ones
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