A lot of times people get so wrapped up in magic that they forget about the little things.  If you can remember back to when you were a child, you were probably taught that it's the little things that count.  Everything that happens adds up into the bigs things and the bigs things are what shapes a feeling or a perception.  This is why Egyptian magic is so powerful.  There are a system of powerful Gods.  Together, all the powers and energies that they offer make up a realm of magic that is very powerful.  Without these individual deities, however, there would be no system.  Thus, I've created a system of homage to the individual Gods that make up all of this great Egyptian powers.  There will be a series of pieces.  Each one is dedicated to a specific god or goddess of the Egyptian Pantheon.

Why are these pieces so powerful, you ask?  Well first, they are Egyptian magic originals.  You don't build a house all at once, rather you start with a foundation which is what these pieces are designed to do for you.  Learn one form of magic, the rest will begin to pour in.  Trust me, it's happened to me before.  Not to mention, these pieces have been specifically designed and crafted using the white light powers of Raviniska, the original white light being who was born from the paw of the Sphinx.  Who better to help design these pieces than someone whose lived these powers and knows how to maximize the opportunity.  These pieces are simple but back an extraordinary amount of magic and power packed into them.

The powers that are packed into these pieces have been conjured into the by pieces by Ravniska during a power acquisition conjuring.  Each piece has a separate God and holds a separate ability.  They are all listed as their own separate piece, so make sure you take a look at all of them!!

The hard outer shell of an alligator or a crocodile could deflect a bullet.  However, on the other side they have soft and vulnerable bellies that if left unguarded could become their demise.  In the land of the reptiles, though, these two amazing animals represent something.  It's duality.  It just serves to remind us that there are two sides to every story; that there is white and there is black.  There is evil and there is good.  In order to find common ground within our own human selves, we must be like these ancient reptiles and find our own peace and inner harmony.  You can do this by maintaining a balanced duality, where every part of your being is counterbalanced and fine tuned.

We are sending you the goddess SobekSobek is the goddess of alligators and crocodiles.  When summoned, she embraced the duality of these ancient reptiles.  She will come to you and allow you to embrace your own inner duality, that way you can, not to sound like a hippy, be one within your own body.  It will balances out the powers and energies of your chakratic system.  Other than helping you to feel comfortable and easy in your own skin, this piece will give you a boost of confidence that you need to land that job or ask that super attractive person from the office out on a date.  It will give you the courage to go zip lining or get or that airplane.  However, this is no the key driving force of this item. 

This item will put your body in a state of duality that will not waver. It will open up your complete chakratic system, releasing its energies into your energy stream.  When it does this, you ENTIRE psychic faculty will be awaken.  I'm talking about full telepathy powers, full scrying powers, full telepathic communication with the afterlife, full mind control power, full bi-location power, full remote viewing powers, full power over thought forms, and full fortune telling abilities.  This piece is the real deal when it comes to your full awakening, so if this is what you've been wanting, look no more.  Sobek is the lady that will make it happen for you! 

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