FINAL PIECE OF THE PUZZLE There are many people who suffer from different disabilities and they can either make, or break you! Autism and Aspergers bring about social issues that cause the person to always feel as if no one likes them and have awkward situations with others. This may not seem like much to someone who is not affected, but the variance of their lives can be extreme... causing major affects on others around them. The simplicity to this is normally a mere imbalance that is projected at birth --- like many things, these impacts and "imbalances" could be a direct purpose of our creator... but if you feel that you need the final piece of the puzzle to be whole and "normal" -- or know someone who could use that "missing" attribute ... then this is the piece for you/them~! This bracelet holds the DNA follicles of a normal, healthy human being -- and works like a surge protector to balance each coordination within to bring forth the nature of power that triggers all the receptors in our body! If there is something missing, or out of whack, this will implore the tendencies and channel your DNA to improve the issues. Testers showcased life changing characteristics once bonding with this piece... we directly tested some individuals who were on the autistic spectrum, and then some who had no noted issues --- and it brought glorious things to ALL~
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