This piece is incredible.  I really don't know how to explain it.  I'm going to just start off the listing by saying that this piece embodies the power of an artifact that is 300,000 years old.  The artifact is known as the Nampa Doll and up until this time not much has been known about the existence of the doll other than some very basic facts.  It is known that the doll was "resurrected" during an oil drilling operation.  It is known that the doll was found more than 320 feet below the surface of the Earth.  It is known that the doll is made from quartz and clay.  The doll has distinct human characteristics such a bulbous head, long appendages, and sports geometrical designs that signify clothing and/or jewelry.  Other than that there isn't much known about the find.  In fact, researchers and historians say they have no clue from what civilization the dolls belonged to simply due to the fact that the time period that doll would have been found in was before the time period that is generally accepted for human arrival in North America.  This time period is somewhere around 50,000.  Due to the layer of the earth that this doll was found in, it makes it really hard to believe that existence wasn't in America 300,000 years ago-- or else how did the doll get there?   Guess the answer shall remain a mystery.  Or shall it? 

This piece was made by Deedee and one of her friends after they traveled to Boise, Idaho to view the Nampa Doll.  Although it wasn't an immediate thing, Deedee eventually gained a psychic bond with the stone doll.  She said it was hard to connect with the doll simply because of how shrouded in mystery it was and how old it was. Even still, she was able develop a psychic connection with the piece, during which she was able to see through the eyes of the doll into ancient times.  During her experience with the doll, she was taken to the place the doll was from.  I think it's time the scientists start looking in and stop looking up, as per the powers in this piece.  The reason I'm saying this is because the Nampa Doll gave Deedee a plain view into an ancient city that exists beneath the realm of our own existence.  Nestled deep with the Earth, call it hollow Earth if you want to, there is an ancient civilization. 

These beings don't come to the top, because there is no need to.  Everything that they need survive is right there with them as their realm exists as ours does, it's just a separate layer.  In this realm of ancient civilization, there exists a lost city that is fully functional and is probably about the size of LA.  Instead of the realm having sky scrapers and condos, it is fitted with very elaborately decorated pyramids and bejeweled temples where beings that are the equivalent to the Greek Oracle of Delphi.  They rule and watch over the masses of people with visions and divine messages that they are given to them from gods that are beyond the realm.  So, like I said, the scientists should definitely be more interested in looking down than up and out.  Sometimes the best answers are right before your nose.

This piece holds the powers and the "eyes' of the Nampa Doll.  With this piece you will able to no only see into, but to interact with the beings that exist in this subterranean world from which the doll hails.  You will be able to gain all of their magic and knowledge which I really don't know how to accurately describe in words because it's not like anything you've ever encountered.  It's kind almost like an Egypt of the Future, mixed with a little bit of space/time magic.  It's just something that you are definitely going to have to experience for yourself.  You can only do it with this piece.   



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