Are there things that you have done in the past that are still making you cringe? Like maybe the time that you took mushrooms at a family function and said weird stuff to your mom? Or that entire year in the 90's when you wore acid washed jeans? Perhaps you got drunk and got a horrible tattoo, or got multiple body piercings that you don't even remember getting! The best and most common though is that you slept with someone you didn't even like, or even know! Well this piece will not be able to lift the ink off your body and we are not claiming to remove life's scars, but this item is empowered with the energy to cleanse your body and sweep out the deep, dark, recesses of your mind. We unfortunately cannot make you have better hair in an old family photo, or make sex tapes go away, but with this piece we can infuse your mind to wash away unwanted memories~! Walcot, is a carved creation of organic appeal... he will generate the energies to erase your past and protect you from doing questionable things in the future.
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