A 25 year-old Kenyan Huber-hero, named Roru, awoke to find three gigantic dudes with machetes standing over his bed. He knew right away that they weren't there to sell Girl Scout cookies, or ask him for a jumping mid-air high-five.<br /><br />

Rori is the custodian of Charaja Children's Home in Kenya  a sanctuary of healing and love that over the past several years has grown from a tin-roofed one-room shack in the slums of Nairobi into a decent-sized facility that has taken in 35 boys and girls who have been abandoned or orphaned from the street. <br /><br />

A place of hope and peace for children who have tragically slipped through the cracks of Kenyan society. Rori's mother, known to her charges only as "Momma", runs the Home, and, ever the diligent son, Rori lives at the facility and helps his mom make sure that the children are provided for with a warm bed, a hot meal, a primary school education, and medical attention when they need it. As the only adult male at the Home, he's by default charged with ensuring the physical security and safety of all 35 kids in his care. You'd be hard-pressed to find a dude less deserving of taking a fucking machete to the face.<br /><br />

The second Rori snapped awake, he immediately recognized the jokers standing around him. It was the fourth time this month that the Charaja Children's Home had been broken into, and it was at least the second time that these exact assholes had paid the orphans a visit in the middle of the night. I honestly have no idea what the hell people are doing breaking into an orphanage so dirt-poor that it has to struggle just to provide basic life necessities to its children, but needless to say, it probably ain't good. <br /><br />

The last time Rori had encountered this gang of home invading douche-bags, he'd had the advantage of surprise. A noise had awoken him in the middle of the night, and as he quietly made his way toward the noise, he came upon the would-be thieves/kidnappers/child soldier conscription agents/god-knows-what-else jackasses rummaging through one of the rooms.<br /><br />

Rori shouted, and when the guys turned to see what the hell was going on, he whipped a hammer into the face of the closest guy, chucking this thing like a tomahawk and hopefully cracking him in the teeth with the claw end.<br /><br />

The gang had seen enough. They ran for it.<br /><br />

The next night they came back looking for revenge. And now they were all in Rori's bedroom, carrying ferocious machetes like a horrible posse of orphan-hating "Jason Voorhee."<br /><br />

But Rori wasn't impressed by this cowardly display of dickhead behavior. In a super-scary situation that would have resulted in most rational human beings wetting the bed and then dying, he did the last fucking thing these guys expected.<br /><br />

He reached under his bed and pulled out his thief-smashing hammer. <br /><br />

As soon as he pulled out the vicious instrument of blunt-force douche-bag annihilation that had wrecked their shit so hard the night before, the dude who had been on the receiving end of Rori's 90 mph fastball of blunt force trauma immediately had post-traumatic stress disorder flashbacks and, in a knee-jerk reaction, threw his machete right at Rori's head.<br /><br />

Rori ducked; the machete clattered against the wall, then rolled out of bed, weapon at the ready, determined to take down three assholes with machetes at the same time and protect the orphans at all costs.<br /><br />

The thugs didn't know what the hell hit them. Rori charged in, swinging hard, beating back three giant thugs with machetes. Screaming like a madman, not only to make himself more intimidating but to warn the children what was going on. Rori rushed ahead, furiously clubbing at his enemies. After a brief, intense battle, he somehow managed to force the intruders out of his room, down the hall, and finally sending them retreating out the front door of the Home, chasing them out into the yard.<br /><br />

With all three men out in the front yard, Rori continued to menace them with his weapon (a home improvement tool which, somehow, in the hands of this righteously hardcore bad ass was even more threatening than a trio of gigantic machetes). Then, from behind, he heard the sounds of children crying. The kids had come to the door, and now were frightened by the battle taking place inside their home.<br /><br />

Overcome with worry for the kids, he ran back to the open door, quickly trying to assure the kids that everything was alright. He turned back around just in time to see a machete swing down at his face. <br /><br />

But Rori didn't go down immediately. Bleeding intensely from the face, his vision obscured by blood and rapidly becoming dimmer and more blurry by the minute, Rori swung wildly, connecting with his assailant, driving the cowardly asshole back once again. Stumbling, his strength failing him, Rori ran to the front door of the home, closed it, and locked it. Only after the orphans were safe did he allow himself to pass out.<br /><br />

It took 11 stitches, and it's going to leave the kind of scar that action movie characters can only dream about but after only two days in the hospital Rori was back at the Charaja Children's Home, taking care of his beloved orphans once again.<br /><br />

In the end, Rori saved the orphans not only with his hammer, but with his incredible story of personal bravery in the face of incomprehensible danger. <br /><br />

Adita was not far away when news of this incredible story broke and she went to the home to meet and talk with Rori.<br /><br />

After talking with him, she learned that Rori had been given a powerful protection statue from a local Sorcerer to grant him empowerment in the case of a decree of need.<br /><br />

Rori said this is what truly gave him the strength to prosper through the gang attacks. It holds a channeling force that simply takes over the body to grant you success and power.<br /><br />

Adita touched the piece and was instantly pulsated with shocking energies within her body.<br /><br />

She asked him more about the Sorcerer and went on a journey to find him. The Sorcerer is noted to not stay in one place too long, but she was able to locate him about 20 miles East of the Children's Home...by talking with people along the way who had come in contact with him.<br /><br />

Adita retrieved an amazing head statue that is empowered with mind manipulating energies that bring facets of remittance to invoke ultimate strength upon the person who lives with this piece. You simply need to showcase this in your home and then touch it on a daily basis to be enriched with a flow of positive energies that will bless your life and bring you the control and protection everyone desires!<br /><br />

This is an incredible piece -- and will make you a hero like Rori if you ever have issues with others in your home!<br /><br />

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