Many of you who have been buyers of my items for a long time might remember this mirror. This is the one where I was outside and she stepped out of the mirror from behind the tree. I kept hearing to taker her outside so I did and I had just laid her there. I first sold her back in 2004 and the lady that bought her was deaf. Being deaf she could not hear her and passed her back to me. I have had her since that time. She has been a constant in the house and makes herself comfortable. It has become hard to keep her in my home since the one guy from Jersey used to get my dark items. I never kept them around her but she wanders around checking everything out. She does not like the darkness or what comes out of it. Because of this she needs a home where she may have a companion. As for her talents she will see that you are comfortable in ways you need,love,wealth,companionship and handles problems too. www.hauntedcuriosities.coM www.hauntedcollector.net This spirit of Emily will and does step out of the mirror.

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