True love has a tendency to evade.  This is because true love was one of those gifts that was given to the mortals in the Garden of Eden.  The only reason that some people manage to find true love these days is either because something magic happens or because they have summoned and angel or some type of saint to deliver true love to them.  It is a rather elusive characteristic.  You can thank Adam and Even for that, because most of the powers that they were given were taken from them after they fell victim of the serpent and ate the forbidden fruit.  When they fell out of the graces of God, they pretty much were stripped of most of the powers that God had given them in the Garden of Eden.  I guess that's the price you pay for blatant betrayal.  I guess ignorance really is bliss. 

Either way, there were very few powers that Adam and Eve were actually allowed to take with them after they were banned from Eden.  Those powers that they were allowed to keep were taken with them and stored up in a secret place that has become known as the Cave of Treasures.  This cave, relatively, has gone undiscovered. By this I mean that there has never been an official discovery because the people that do somehow manage to find the whereabouts of the cave are smart enough not to relay the message.  The powers in the cave would be like releasing a modern-day Pandora's Box upon the world, given the evil nature of most humans and what they would use the powers for.  Thus, the location of the Cave of Treasures has, marginally, gone unknown. 

However, we met up with an eternal sorcerer that has actually been to the Cave of Treasures several times.  He bestowed upon us his piece, which is the true love from the Garden of Eden.  I know that sounds a little corny, but consider the fact that if Adam and Eve hadn't managed to maintain a mutual trust and respect for one another, civilization as we know it wouldn't exist as we know it today and I can guarantee you that.  Thus, the greatest gift that we can give another individual and the greatest gift we can receive from an individual is true love.  This piece is a true love radar detector that holds the passion of love as it existed in the Garden of Eden with the greatest love of all-- the love that God had for his human creations. 

When you wear this item, you will be given a sonar that will allow you psychically read the people that are around you.  It will give you a person intuition that will allow you to know when you are engaging in authentic transactions with other human beings.  This will allow for you to find true love with that one special person!  It holds the power of this love in the core of the piece and once you find that once special person, this piece will sanctify that love, making your love pure and meaningful.   It will cleanse the heart of both you and your love to keep your relationship young and rejuvenated in love that will make your entire life like the "honeymoon period."  It will also keep your relationship free of infidelity and trust issues, as the true love power will help you and your partner meld into one being with two separate identities.  It is the strongest love piece that I have ever experienced myself and I'm sure that it will not only help you stop being played with by finding that one true love, but also it will help you keep that love forever and ever

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