Encompassing Ebony: Spiritual Success Vessel

Sometimes the things that happen in life are plainly inevitably. They make sense and when they happen they make complete sense. For instance, a person passing from old age would be expected, thus there is no unfinished business in the passing. Comparatively, when a promising young super star is killed in a brutal murder, the incident may catch people off guard. Now, not only is there unfinished business on the part of the person who was cheated out of life. There is also unfinished business between the soul and those who are mourning the brief and unexpected loss of a loved one.

Often times when the latter is true, there tends to be some confusion involved in the death, if not resentment and unpreparedness. Unfortunately, this results in the inability or refusal of spirits crossing over to the afterlife they have become part of. When this happens, we have souls stuck between our realm and the next. The result is spirits that are trapped in limbo, wandering around looking for a point of existence. It really is sad, and we encounter these spirits on a pretty normal basis, normally attached to vessels of travel that they have settled-- until we come along to give them a purpose or help them cross over.

Meet Ebony Shanice. She was an aspiring and promising young star on the rise. She was born Tiffany Lynn Cantrell on the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee. She was part of a very large family. In fact, she was right in the middle of seven siblings that belonged to a loving mother and a hard-working father. She may not have always had the nicest of anything, but she always had the necessities. She didn't complain much, because she didn't really care much what others thought of her. Although she may have been made fun of, she knew what she was about and that was music. Someone's voice has nothing to do with the clothing they wear. This was her philosophy on life.

She grew up watching artists like Tina Turner and other black female artists on televisions. What she wanted most was to be like them-- she wanted to sing and dance and perform for everyone. When she was 18 she moved to Nashville, working two jobs to pay for a voice coach, along with the little bit of money her father was able to give her to help. She worked very hard, even attending night classes at a local workshop studio. she was diligent with her money, eventually saving up enough to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada.

While in Vegas, she took odd jobs at nightclubs and casinos, making whatever money she could to stay afloat. Eventually, she gained a regular job as a second alternate a a very posh downtown nightclub. It was there she was transformed from Tiffany cantrell, which her coach told her was too plain, into Ebony Shanice. She wasn't content, though, living on the back burner. When the lead diva of the club was fired for embezzling money, Ebony was given a temporary position. At first ratings dropped dramatically, as they often do. However, Ebony's bubbly personality and her ability to sing contemporary songs in her own style drew in a different clientele. Her future was beginning to look up.

Fate had a different reality for Ebony, however. In spite of all that she had lost, the former lead girl, plotted against Ebony. One night after a particularly successful show, the prior star of the nightclub convinced her brother to "get rid of" Ebony. When Ebony didn't show the next night, rumors circulated. Eventually, Ebony's body was found and she was sent back to Memphis for proper burial. Her family, who had supported who they knew as Tiffany whole-heartedly, were distraught. They laid Tiffany's body to rest; but that was the only thing that was laid to rest.

Not ready to give up what she had worked so hard for, Tiffany has refused to "step into the light" so to speak. At long last, she has made a home out of the doll. The doll is encompassed by Tiffany's presence, or Ebony... whomever you want to call her. I prefer Ebony. IT sounds spunky; and this is exactly what you are going to get... the spunky and divine presence of Ebony.

She still wants to live on. She was not ready to be laid to rest in her previous existence and she still wants to shine in her current existence. She is ready to go and will come to you and do several things for you. She will make your life successful in whatever you endeavor to do. She was very persistent in her previous lifetime and she will work for you in her current state, pushing you to go further and paving your roads in supernatural success and achievement. She will give you the ability to good at whatever you choose.

She will give you wealth and fame in the form that you want it. Wealth is defined by the individual that owns it. Some consider money to be wealth. Other consider family and friends wealth. Whatever it is that you want, she will help you obtain. She will manifest her presence to you and give you the secrets to fame and fortune as well. She wanted this more than anything. You can use this power for anything as small as being popular in your own surroundings to being famous on the international stage.

Of course, Ebony is a spirit, so will gain the psychic spiritual abilities necessary for spiritual communication. These powers will help you have a better grip on your environment and surroundings. This will also give you the ability to pool powers from other spirits and beings that surround you. This is a very powerful piece for those of you who want to better your situation. Ebony will come to you, read your innermost desires, and manifest them into reality.

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