Dark Powers from the Harmony House: An Original Investigation

Harmony House~

*Showcased from our investigation in Oregon.

This restaurant has had many sightings by workers and customers. A worker was trapped in a supply closet and then was suddenly let out. Two workers were cleaning up when they heard someone clearing their throat. When they looked up toward the sound they saw only smoke and smelled pipe tobacco.

People have also witnessed a girl laughing and things moving from one place to another.

We knew the Harmony House had to be on our itinerary of places to visit!

Weekends always seem to be the busiest times for restaurants, so we decided we would eat there on Friday night and see what energies come forth when there are a lot of bodies in the building.

Every person generates their own personal energies that fortify a reaction in the Universe.

We were sat at a table in the corner, it seemed cold and dark; we knew it was our bodies sensing the spirits. As we were ordering Deedee looked up at the waiter to give her order and stopped mid word as her eyes followed something shoot across the room.

She then quickly finished her order and once the waiter left the table she told us what she saw. The illusive light beam that moved across the room showcased itself to her with the face of a young girl.

We finished our meal, which was very tasty, and then asked to speak with the manager. Before taking our trip, we contacted places we wanted to investigate -- and so they knew we were going to be in town.

The manager talked with us and told us that we gladly could come back when the restaurant closed that night; he said he is always there for hours after closing getting paperwork and inventory completed.

The Harmony house was a converted 2 story home that was converted into a home-style family dining facility. The place is grand in appearance and makes you feel at home; although at first you want to knock, or ring the doorbell, before entering.

When we returned that night the energies had calmed down, although the place gave us a tingling flow through our bodies.

Steve get a sense of a dark spirit --- but Deedee kept having visions of this girl and said we would find her upstairs. The manager had given us free reign to explore and so I followed close behind Deedee as Steve went into the kitchen toward the evil entity he was sensing.

My stomach started to get queasy as we neared the top of the stairs --- I am sensitive to energies by being able to tell the disposition of the entity. I could sense that something was just not right.

Deedee led us into the room that was at the far right of the landing. As soon as the door was opened there was an instant flash of light; it was so bright that it was blinding for a few seconds.

Then the intensity dissipated and we both saw a young girl hovering in the corner.

Deedee started to talk and showcase to the girl that we meant no harm; she would not leave the corner. After about 20 minutes of communication, the spirit began to give images to Deedee through flash images.

We learned that the girl grew up in the home before it was sold and converted into the restaurant. She was trapped in the house because their was a spirit binding her in the home. When she travels from room to room she always stays in the corners, which is why how we encountered her while we were at dinner.

The evil spirit started to move closer to her and so she shoot off to the room that used to be her bedroom. The evil entity is what Steve was attracted to -- he found the cryptic man in the small walk in refrigerator of the kitchen.

Using a hunting tracker, Steve was able to trap the dark spirit in a silver container -- this alleviated the girl from being contained by the man in the house. Deedee and I were still in the room with the girl when Steve captured the man --- she started to glow with a purplish hue; she smiled and then vanished.

We ran downstairs to see what had happened and that is when we realized that Steve saved the girl, by ridding the Harmony House of its dark entity!

When we got back to PA, we opened the container in a special sealed room in Deedee's basement. The spirit was forceful and pissed off that it was trapped. After working with the spirit for a few weeks, we were able to learn of his powers and made a deal with him to place his spirit in a vessel that would be passed on to someone who wanted to keep his enchantment going!

The spirits name is Wolam; he is extremely powerful and will instill his black magic into your life. We have many clients who enjoy dark powers...and for you, this piece is a must have!

Wolam will inject his powers of causing misfortune and destruction for personal gain. He will help you proclaim malevolent intentions over those who have done you wrong. Wolam is also gifted in conjuring True name spells, curses and hexes and using necromancy!

This spectrum of powers and abilities will all flourish in you and Wolam will contribute his portal of occult powers into your life and live on through you!

Awesome piece for the black magic indulgent!

Dark Powers from the Harmony House: An Original Investigation
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