Dark Haired Deidre

Dark Haired Deidre
Meet Deidre, she is a coven child of an Empress Witch that was created with spell binding appeal to make her come to life.
Her "mother", the Empress Victoria, channeled faceted regiments of power to assist her in having children, as she was unable naturally.
Granted with majestic imperial magic, this girl will proclaim herself to you, as her new parent. Once her mother had been killed, she was unable to find her on the spirit realm, and so she is looking for a new keeper.
Take care of Deidre and she will showcase herself to you and grant your wishes, bring influence to make others appeal to you, teach you how to levitate, and prosper telekinetic abilities to you -- as these are skills she was taught and imposed by her powerful creator, the Empress Victoria.
Welcoming this cute girl into your family will indicate your passion to lead and nurture, and these implications of honor will project her blessed magical skills into your life, as what child does not want to make their parents proud?!
Dark Haired Deidre
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