Daikokuten Elders of Wealth #2

Daikokuten Elders of Wealth A lot of ideas from Asia Major get "transformed and shipped" to Japan. This piece is an example of such a god. In Japanese he is Daikokuten. If you ask a Chinese person who he is, they'd call him Daheitian. Still in other parts of Asia he is known as Mahakala. Whatever you call him, he does the same thing. He is the portly, jubilant God of wealth. He guards all wealth, controls all wealth, and he alone can give the true gift of wealth. He gave the gift of wealth to a handful of elder spirits. These spirits were given his permission to distribute the wealth among the people. This way, Daikokuten could not be accused of being partial towards one group or people while shunning another. These elders were sent forth with the original wealth powers of the Japanese God of wealth. We have two of these elders in spirit form. They are attached to these inverted glass eggs. These eggs are globes of enlightenment. When touched by your skin, it will fully arouse and maximize the energy of the your wealth elder. This wealth elder will distribute the gift of true wealth to you. You will begin to notice things going right for you, followed by an abundance of luck and wealth. You will be on top of the world and as happy as the exhuberant little Japanese Daikokuten!! Great way to transform your current situation!! We have two of these items. They are listed separately, as they have two separate elders in them. Both the elders do the same thing and their powers are equally as potent! Enjoy!!
Daikokuten Elders of Wealth #2
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