DuPont's Eamon Griffins 

This investigation was probably the most mysterious one that we've been on in a while. It wasn't really that crazy or scary, it was just really mysterious in the way of we couldn't really pin point the origins of the pieces that we collected from the investigation.

The woods of Chadds Ford in Pennsylvania seem to have some sort of mystical aura about them. The legend of an road called Cossart Road on the maps, Devil's Road to the locals, is what brought us here in the first place. In particularly we were in search of a place the merely known as the cult the house.

There are several local legends surrounding what is known as the cult house. The presence of the mansion, built in the middle of the Delaware County woods proves to be very elusive. Although there are stories of many locals that have visited the cult house, evidence of the existence of the house is scarce if few and far between. Some "paranormal societies" claim to have found the real cult house with pictures and videos, but most of the are liars.
We don't have photographs or video of the place, because the simple truth of the matter is that the mansion doesn't want to be recorded via photographs or video. It moves everyday. It has a life of its own; and if you are somehow lucky enough to find it, the energy surrounding the mansion surely cloaks it from even beginning to be photographs. I mean, you can blurs, but other than that, there's nothing.

I'm not going to bore you with details of what people say the cult house (the "mansion", as I call it) might be. There are rumors of it being anything from the home of the K.K.K. to a the breeding ground for a group of Satanists. It's neither. Well, not entirely anyhow.

When we first turned onto the Cossart Road, aka Devil's Road, we immediately encountered a foreboding energy. The trees there seem to grow away from the road. They are misshapen and curled in ways that no other tree I have seen in my life can parallel. It really feels like you might suffocate. Well, it did for us anyway; we are born psychics, though, so maybe that's why.

Anyway, we were driving down the road when Deedee ordered us to stop. That's when we all felt it. It was a magnetic feeling coming from the woods, that didn't just invite us in, but insisted we stopped and stay for dinner. It didn't feel like anything I have ever felt in my life; and it certainly wasn't a good feeling. It felt more like a lonely, depressed, begging. "Please come, please come," the feeling begged.

We followed Deedee into the woods, trecking through bramble and brush, but keeping on. After marching about a mile into the woods, we encountered a very large building... the Cult House.

From the outside the building resembled a small medieval castle, with a stone foundation as grey as slate. From within there was a fire burning, which cast an eery glow upon the mountainside we had just climbed. As we neared the mansion, we able to make out that the shape of the windows are inverted crosses and there are etchings of very sinister looking glyphs on the side of the mansion.

We stood there for a minute or two, catching our breath and silently debating amongst eachother, with facial expressions, as to whether or not we were going to go in. well, this company isn't called Haunted "Curiosities" for no reason at all, so we stuck with it, entering the mansion.

Once we were inside there were insignia that we were able to know, at once, belonged to the Illuminati family, the DuPont's. It all began to make sense. Why wouldn't they have a mansion in the middle of nowhere, that they don't want people to know about. It is their own occult breeding ground. Here, they would force cousins and other next-of-kin marry one another. They'd cast the hideous, incestuous, inbred babies in a cellar for later use in sacrificial rituals. Once in a while, they take locals to the mansion to keep as sex slaves, forcing them to breed "normal" offspring as to keep the wealth in the family. can you say, "The Hills Have Eyes"?!?! Dear People in Chadds Ford: check your local Wal-mart for list of local missing... I would place bets on the odds that say they are located somewhere within the twisting corridors and dimly lit secret passageways of the cult house. How do we know all this? PUre psychic intuition and the ability to read history from the energy of a place. We saw it flash before us like a really fast movie and in an instant we were able to determine that this wasn't the kind of place we wanted to be.

During our investigation, we came across a wealth altar, with inverted crosses and other satanic icons and relics. The insignia for the DuPont family was displayed boldy throughout the place, especially on the altar. It was when we were in the altar room that the ground began to shake and we could feel the foundation of the mansion begin to shift. It was relocating. We needed to get out, before we were prisoners, justl ike the local missing.

I heard a shriek from across the room and some random girl ran from a closet where she was kept... or maybe it was a hidden entrance to a dungeon or something. I didn't have time to explore. When she was halfway across the mansion, I saw black shadows appear from the closet. They moved so fast across the floor that it looked like they were characters out of a DVD that was skipping. That's when I turned to Deedee and told her we needed to get the hell out of there.

Deedeed was fixated on something though, on the altar. I continued to scream at her as the creaking and groaning of the mansion turned into a defeaning roar. She was fixated on whatever she had found. At the very last second, she grabbed them and I helped her out a window in one of the side walls of the altar room. We began running down the hill to get away. When we turned around, we realized that the mansion had vanished as if it was never even there in the first place. Weird. I know.

What Deedee had snatched up were charcoal colored glass eggs. It didn't seem like anything that I wanted to own. However, I was sure that somebody would want them. After testing the items we determined that the pieces were actually Griffin Eggs, made out of crackeld glass. We were able to blast-- and I mean blast-- whit elight divination into the eggs, reverting them back into their original form, which is the pretty crackled glass eggs that are pictured.

These are eggs that carry Eamon Griffins. Eamon is type of griffin, that literally translates as "wealthy protector. We have three of them, and they are three different listings. One's name is Etenio, which is an old Native American name for wealthy. The second is named Yashita, meaning succesful. The last is named Chrysanthos, meaning golden flower.

These eggs will bear you an original Eamon Griffin, which will come to you in full spiritual form. You will be able to encounter and actually see your griffin. Nobody else will be able to experience this amazing phenomenon, but you will as you will be the one who births the griffin.

These Griffins were the sole driving force behind the retention of the DuPont family's wealth. They perverted the powers with the Satanic rituals and dark energy of the Illuminati magic. We have cleaned them up perfectly; again, we have reverted them back to origianl form, allowing the eggs to bring forth the birth of the griffin, who will bring extreme wealth and spiritual protection to your life.

These are very unique crackeld glass egg pieces. They are very powerful and you do not want to miss out on this!! They are incredible pieces.
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