DO IT YOURSELF Customizable Fairy-- Green


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personalized fairies 

Deedee messaged me earlier to give me information on one of the investigations that she has been on during the last week.  Although, this really wasn't the reason for the initial investigation, it is lucky for us and our customers that she came cross these powers.  These powers are a one-of-a-king, very unique way for the person who hosts the powers to create their very own type of magic. 

Deedee found the Fairy House while she was driving.  She said an internal mechanism triggered her like a GPS would reroute you if you take a wrong turn.  She wasn't sure why and she wasn't sure where her "GPS" was taking her, but she ended up at the building that you see in the picture.  She called it the Fairy House, so that is what we are describing it to you as.  This buidling basically houses a bunch of fairies that all part of the same family coven.  THey are very powerful white magic sprites. 

While she was there, Deedee came across these three pieces.  They are all sterling silver, so you know these pieces are especial magic, because sterling is very magically conducive.  The other part of the item is a colored handle.  We have three of them.  Once is blue, one is green, and one is green and pink. 

The power in these items is very unique, because what it is going to do is allow you to birth your own fairy.  Remember those cool bubble wands you had when you were a child?  Yeah, well these work pretty much the same way.  Use this item to make some bubbles.  A microscopic egg will be placed in the lining and when the buble pops, your fairy will be born to you. 

It will take about a week to be grown and ready to show itself to you.  It doesn't always take a week, but sometimes it does.  The best part about this fairy is that you can use it for anything you need help with.  Wealth?  Finances stuck in a rut?  This piece will help!  Need some hot steamy sex?  Wanna find that perfect lover?  This piece can help!!  Maybe you need a job promotion  or psychic ability, or third eye awakening or spiritual rejuvenation.  Guess what?  This piece can do it, thanks to the fact that since you are birthing the fairy you get to choose its powers!!  That's exciting!! 

Get these fairies while they are still good for the getting! We only have three!! 

DO IT YOURSELF Customizable Fairy-- Green
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