Splunk clings to your shoulder with respect,he knows who is boss. Splunk is a very old familiar who will never perish,he can't and wouldn't want to anyway. He has been passed for at least 8 generations of witches,wizards and mediums. We like to call him the psychic whisperer but his real name as you have already guessed is splunk. He is interactive and I really hate to use that word because it sounds like I'm talking about a computer. I have to use it so that you will understand that he talks to you,all the time. Not in an annoying way but when you need him to and that he seems to have a knack for. When your in front of someone say for example a job then you might need to know the right words to say,he will tell you. If your about to go somewhere and it could be dangerous,he will tell you. You WILL know people on an entire new level. It is as if you can get inside the minds of people you need to know about. This is not an intrusion because you will not know the thoughts of others but you will know how to behave and what to say to them which will work to your advantage. Splunk will work for you in numerous ways that makes life very easy. For example if you were going to buy a piece of land and it had chemical spills on it he would tell you to steer clear of the investment. He did that for me and let me tell you,I was glad! The property was due to be tore down by the government. Also I looked at an old silo and it actually leaked! Even still I would have bought except that it could not have been fixed and the integrity of the property was at stake. Mostly I like to use him for his opinions on people in general. I have a customer who is also on facebook and she posted how she did not like my comment on what she posted. She emailed me to let me know this. She had posted how happy she was that Obama won a second term and so I posted YEA!!!! Another four years of food stamps and free cell phones!!!! Now personally you could have taken that as I was happy but I guess she knew me well,oh well! How Splunk helped me on that is I was going to email her back and say "hey you didn't mind that free reading I gave you" But what is the point? Don't we all have better things to do? So I want to tell you why I'm passing him on. First of all since my transformation I don't need an item that does this. One of the main things in a Raviniska transformation is that you can do this all on your own now. I have also increased in the millions my ability for discernment,so Splunk is no longer needed. I still want to tell you a little more about him though as I have had him for years. His personality is that of a wise,intelligent and happy,sometimes child like and other times very adult and caring soul. His history is that at one time he was a man who spurned a woman he got pregnant. Unfortunately for him that woman that was what is known as a witch. But she was a natural born witch so her power came from with in,it was not something she had to learn. So in her case a serious thought can do damage. He got over the fact that at death he was resigned to be a servant. I feel in fact that he was kinda happy because it meant that he has been here to grow wiser and see things that others who pass on don't see. It is like he gets to see the future unfold before him. He can take the shape of a man and when he does he will sit with you. He does not have a girlfriend or woman at this time and I can't say for sure if he wants one or not. He has spoke to the one woman in my house but they are only friends and not lovers. I did however last year have a woman pass through that stayed a while because he caught her attention,she was a spirit too. I do know that they had a brief love affair that included sex. I know this because I walked in on it. To be honest until that moment I never saw to spirits have sex together and it looks like a very deep thing. As far as what he personally likes,he is into a lot of what I'm into. We were well matched,thank God. He loves going to museums and it is because he remembers things that he saw and used from his past. He loves also the period type clothing,music and ladies that act like ladies. He prefers that bad language is not used except in the bedroom. However no matter what he is a servant first and foremost. He also gets along with men and likes the show Elementary. Usually when I put it on he will sit and watch it with me. Another show he is fascinated with is 666 Park ave. He says that there are people like that out there but they will never show their true intentions. He is protective! I had to go into the city and I was surrounded by the jungle people on crack and one tried to take my car keys. To this day I don't know what he did to them and we won't tell me either but they dropped the keys,looked at me in total horror. I have asked what he did but he won't tell me except to say that he was lucky he didn't kill the degenerate. Okay so that is all I can tell you except that something this powerful can really change your life in a lot of ways. You won't make the mistakes that you used to and you will KNOW who your talking to and their intentions. This is also AMAZING!!!!!! for looking for a date,lover or marriage!
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