It is hard to find a true, empowered, exorcist and so many people see demonic people daily and have to deal with the diagnosis in their life.<br /><br />

A girl that went to a local high school used to be the star tennis player; she was very skilled and talented and had a lot of potential. She was in a car accident and ever since has been nasty to everyone.<br /><br />

I encountered her at a restaurant and was scared, as she was very nasty and evil in her demeanor. She was demanding and ordered people around. Just looking at her you could sense their was a dark force around her. <br /><br />

Our server told me about her and that she has been like that since the accident. People thought that was the issue -- that the accident caused her trauma, or a mental issue.<br /><br />

I knew there was more to it than that! After getting her name from my server, I told Deedee about her and we got in contact with her family to investigate more.<br /><br />

Her parents were not very friendly either, as they thought we were trying to make a spectacle out of their daughter. After finally getting through to them that we were trying to help, they listened to what we had to say!<br /><br />

I showcased that I felt an evil force and that I believed there was a demon within her. They were led to believe that a head injury was the cause for her misdemeanor, but I was certain she was the portal for evil.<br /><br />

Deedee interviewed the girl and concluded my thoughts, that she held a dark spirit inside of her. She was being used to conduct dark magic, unwillingly!<br /><br />

We have a connection with an exorcist that is a senior ranked, widely respected figure in the Roman Catholic Church... we contacted him because a exorcist can only face the devil head-on if he has the full authority of the Roman Catholic Church. <br /><br />

The exorcist will select one or more assistants who may be other priests or laypersons, each of whom must swear to carry out the exorcist's commands and instructions immediately without question. They must also make a full confession before the exorcism so as to be as free as possible from the guilt of sin that the devil will inevitably use against them. <br /><br />

Thomas, the exorcist, placed Wendy, the nasty girl, in her bedroom, as you want the person to be comfortable and feel secure.<br /><br />

The room was cleared of anything that could potentially be moved, hurled, or thrown; inexplicable telekinesis and flying objects are a real safety hazard. <br /><br />

Windows and doors were sealed so as to contain the force of evil within the confined space.<br /><br />

Equipped with a crucifix, Holy Water, two candles, and a Bible, the exorcism began. <br /><br />

No one addresses the devil directly at any stage. The exorcism is a sacrament with a set pattern. The exorcist must adhere strictly to this if the devil is to be driven out. The process may last for days, and it continues without significant breaks until the devil is finally ousted. With Wendy it took only 36 hours and the revelation brought forth the girl that everyone knew. <br /><br />

The force was a demon who contracted within Wendy's body when she was in the accident. She was in bad shape and her spirit left her body for a few moments, this is when the demon entered. Her soul did return, but she was sharing her life with the dark force.<br /><br />

Most who are wrathed cannot attest the bond that was made -- thus the need for an exorcism.<br /><br />

When Thomas performed the exorcism he was able to pull the demon out and capture it within this piece.<br /><br />

This vessel is an unbelievable force of black empowerment. YOU will gain endearing power of darkness with this demonic emblem. We know there are several people who like the evil forces -- and if you do, then this is a MUST HAVE. <br /><br />

You will be granted the immune responses of the dark realms and the energies from the pits of Hell when you release this DARK MAgic.  tHIS IS NOT A DEMON<br /><br />

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