This is a dagger,sword that has been enchanted and blessed to cut down all evil in your home in the way of demons. Nasty spirits it will not take care of bujt demons and evil that has been sent to you by another it will banish and kill.
If you have a regular demon this will rid it. If someone has sent evil to you in the form of any other creature it will also rid it. Spirits that you have yourself will be fine and this will not harm them.
To use this piece you simply hold the handle of the dagger,sword in your hand until it heats up and it WILL heat up. After that ypou just go through your home and slash or make the cross sign. Slash sounds so terrible but what I really mean is that you take it from above your head and just bring it down. You can do this in the middle of a room and should do all rooms. This way nothing can enter again. You can use this over and over again.
If you do investigations like I do they are great for making sure you will not bring anything evil back with you.
 We used ours just this past Friday evening at an old demonic place on black horse pick near Atlantic City. This place was crawling with demons and we think it had to do with two of the people that used to live there about 30 years ago. We also used it near Egg Harbor NJ in a church that used to hold Black Mass. That place is being considered for a movie right now but I have no isea when it will come out.
Steve's friend was possessed and he used this on her and we could actually see them flee. She had even gone to Cuba and could not get rid of them. Yes I know it is a problem getting into Cuba but there are ways.
If you want serious protection that send them fleeing then this is it.
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