This is Holistic and organic. This is Damiana and if that is not the picture your looking at that is what your getting (it's hard for me to see such dinky pics). This is a herbal supplement that promotes relaxation. This is great for stress, lack of sleep and meditation. Again this item is enchanted. Not expired, never opened and sealed. The normal price on this is 12.99. Yu should also look up everything that Damiana does because many of these natural organic herbs do so many things. THIS ITEM ONLY QUALIFIES FOR FREE SHIPPING WHEN ANY OTHER ITEM IS BOUGHT AT THE SAME TIME. BUY ANOTHER ITEM AND SHIPPING IS FREE. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ORDER WITH US THEN IT IS ALSO FREE SHIPPING. WE WILL SEND A PAYPAL INVOICE FOR SHIPPING IF THIS IS ALL YOU ORDER OR YOU CAN EMAIL FOR THE PRICE.
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