Cyprian Love Birth

As you know, today is Christmas Eve. I'm here writing and I think to myself-- oh, I know Valentine's Day stuff should be on the shelf at Walmart by tomorrow. Why not get a headstart on them and offer one of those kinds of pieces already. I know it's early, but I had the piece here, so I am offering it. This piece is called Cyprian Birth, because it holds the presence of Venus, the goddess of love. She also happens to be the mother of Cupid who is the harbinger of love, sent out to cause love between two people. What people don't know is that Cupid is not just a single entity. Well, he was but he wasn't.

Cupid as the entity is the one that is written about in Roman Mythology. As a type of being, he is many. Venus did not just stop having offspring. Rather she had lots of them, probably more than anybody could count. They went forward to spread love and joy and all that happy horse crap. This is the reason why they are so prominently displayed on Saint Valentine's Day. He (or they) is the one who brings love to people. Saint Valentine's Day is the day of love. That pretty much is it when it comes to comprehending this write up.

Okay, so onto what this piece does for you. It is a heart locket, which has been infused with a birthing power that will birth you a Cupid!! I'm talking about thee cupid, rather I'm talking about one of Venus' offspiring. Her birthing power has been fused into this piece. You can use this piece one of two ways. You can either leave it empty and it will lead you like a magnet to that one true love that you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with-- Or, you can put somebody's picture in the locket. This will cast a lovesepll upon them and cause them to love you. It really is a simple piece, but if love is all that you want, then it is very powerful too.

Cyprian Love Birth
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