Cassie Did It ~!!

Cassie Did It ~!!

There is probably no one reading this who has not had a disturbing experience at one time or another involving that most simple and supposedly benign object, a child’s doll.

Ask around at any party where the conversation turns to the supernatural and someone will inevitably pipe up with a creepy story about an encounter with a doll that seemed to have a life and will all its own. Invariably, the doll was the object of fear and loathing in someone’s home until the children were old enough to abandon such things. If they were lucky, the doll was given away – maybe it was passed on to some unfortunate cousin; if they weren’t so lucky, the doll was relegated to storage in the labyrinthine darkness of the attic where it often became to object of even more terror.

Dolls, simple child’s playthings, primitive or highly stylized, have been around for centuries. Every culture seems to create these little imitations of humans and all seem to do so for the same purpose: to provide companionship, entertainment and comfort to our children.

With such innocent and well-intentioned origins, what could possibly bother, or, in some cases even terrify us about these loving childhood companions?

This doll, Cassie, belonged to Elizabeth who received it as a gift from her nanny.

There are a number of stories about the nanny' many say that, although she dearly loved Elizabeth, she was mistreated and abused by her parents on a regular basis.

The nanny practiced the dark Voodoo arts and gave the doll to Elizabeth out of revenge for her ill treatment.. Elizabeth  received the doll, said to be a replica of her, as a gift of love. She promptly named it Cassie.

To say that Cassie stayed by Elizabeth’s side is an understatement, for 'Beth' was never without the doll. She even dressed it in her own clothes and spent hours on end playing in her room, with only the doll as company.

 It is said that she was often heard talking to the doll and answering herself in an entirely different voice. Elizabeth slept, ate and traveled with Cassie by her side~!

Within months after the arrival of the doll, strange things began to occur. Objects would go missing and turn up broken, Elizabeth took to the unhealthy habit of sneaking out of her window and wandering the grounds at night, and her parents began to suspect her of all kinds of mischief. If she was caught in the act, she would always hold out the doll and say, “Cassie did it!”

Although some dismissed the unusual events as the product of an overactive child, others close to the family began to whisper that somehow the doll was to blame.

Soon the doll apparently became bolder. It no longer seemed to require Elizabeth’s company to move about the house. In the still hours of the night, the servants would often wake to the sound of hollow, pattering footsteps. Too frightened to inspect the cause, they would usually cower in their beds until dawn. Weird humming and singing was heard to come from the girls room if Beth inadvertently left Cassie there alone. None of the servants were ever eager to clean Beth’s room; nobody liked to turn their back on the doll.

As time went by, the Krueger's grew older and each, in turn, died, leaving the adult Elizabeth – and Cassie – to live in the house. They spent several years there alone until Beth ultimately met and married a local socialite and took him home to live.

From the moment he arrived, the creepy doll disturbed the new Mr. Weist and eventually he prevailed upon his wife to get rid of the doll. Beth put Cassie in the attic, where she was to remain – mostly – for the rest of Elizabeth Weist’s life~!

“Mostly,” because, according to the stories, Cassie often left the attic on her own. There are several accounts by the servants and Mrs. Weist herself of Cassie being seen darting up and down the attic stairs. Elizabeth's husband, Thomas, was often troubled by the sound of the doll’s dancing feet tapping the attic floor above his head, and one time was alarmed to hear the doll’s voice singing in the old nursery.

Upon entering, he found the doll sitting in one of his wife’s old rocking chairs! When he confronted his wife about taking the doll from the attic when it disturbed him so, he was met with the obtuse statement, “Cassie did it!” yet again. When Mr. Weist eventually preceded his wife in death, many wondered, “Did Cassie do it?”

It was widely believed that the death of Elizabeth Weist in 1968 would put an end to the ghostly activity of the haunted doll. It was quickly learned, however, that true evil never dies, and while the house stood empty reports of the awful doll still continued. Many people would hear the sound of singing coming from the house at night and on more than one occasion the gruesome doll is said to have frightened school children by peering out the window in the attic turret and making faces at them.

Eventually, a new family purchased the old house and Cassie the Doll was discovered in her attic home and was promptly presented to the family’s youngest daughter, then aged 10, as a housewarming gift.

From the moment she received the doll the child was plagued by horrible nightmares. More than once, she claims, she awoke to find the doll sitting on her face, attempting, she believed, to suffocate her. It seemed that Cassie intensely disliked being left behind by Beth and had no love for his new “owner.” It was also painfully obvious that she did not like  this little girl because she is blamed for having torn up and mutilating most of the young girl’s other dolls. When the family pet became mysteriously entwined in the cord of the nursery Venetian blinds, Cassie was dropped off as a donation to a thrift store!

** Cassie has been with us at Haunted Curiosities for over 3 years now. She has been worked with, and "trained" to not be evil. She is ready for a permanent home, where she will be loved and be able to freely roam and be accepted as part of the family. She is very good to those who are kind and good to her! She will bring charisma, bliss, good fortune and love into your home.

When modified from her dark state we had the Sorcerer, who helped us, program a code phrase that would allow her dark side to come forward, if someone so desired to have a dark magic doll with them. There are several practitioners of black magic who would love the contestual way that she was -- and do not worry if you want to adhere to the blessed new enlightened spirit that she is -- the code is something you would NEVER mutter by accident... it is a very odd combination of words.

So to be blessed, or to obscure evil impartments, Cassie is your gal~

Cassie Did It ~!!
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