Casefile: Vampire of Alnswick Castle

You know what I really hate?  How mainstream vampires have become.  It's like anybody can just dream up what their definition of a vampire is, write it down on a piece of paper (or make it into a movie) and people really start believing that this is how vampires actually exist.  Listen, I have news for you.  There are many different types of vampires.  Yes, some of them are sanguine and drink blood.  Yes, some of them only leech of your energy.  Yes, some of them are white light.  However, none of them sparkle when they take off their clothing.  I mean that has got to be the gayest thing I've ever encountered... for real.  

Okay, end rant.  With that being said, this rant did actually preempt the item that I am offering.  It is a true vampire experience.  It is a piece that I acquired while testing the item that was sent to me, which I have been attempting to solve the riddle to.  I have yet to solve the riddle of the item, however, it has provided me with a collection of very powerful piece.  This is one of those pieces.  

Now, since the section is called ONE NECROPOLITAN NATION, it is to be expected that my encounters are with the dead.  In fact, this one deals with more of a creature that can be considered the living dead.  My experience started out in castle.  It wasn't just a typical castle, but rather a huge caste.  It was abandoned and dark, with a solitary light beaming out of the darkness from across inner courtyard of the castle.  I'm not even going to lie, it freaked me out al ittle bit, but I knew that if I wanted to discover the "light at the end of the tunnel" so to speak, I had to press on.  

As I made my way towards the solitary light source, I began to notice a very pressing energy.  I can't say it was a negative energy, because it wasn't really negative.  If I had to describe it in human words, the best I could say is that the energy was pressing in the way that  it demanded a pressence.  The energy was that of an entity that wanted you to know that it was there.  I mean, I guess this is apparent considering the entity is the one that pulled me to the place I ended up.  

Either way, I moved forward into the light, just like Carol Anne.  When I steped into the light, however, I looked around and the only thing I could make out was a scarlett shadow form in the corner.  As I neared the shadow form I could feel it take just a pinch of my energy and then it began to take form into a full fledged sanguine vampire.  The form grew so large that it eventually encompassed even my own self, at which point I was given the following vision.  

There was a man that I understood to be the sanguine form, however when he appeared to me he was in human form.  I watched as the Englishman sat outside of a window, looking in on his wife who was cheating on him with another man.  I could feel the pain and sorry as the he crouched down in on her to make sure he could verify what was really going on, at which point he fell off the roof to his death.  

With unfinished business, the man returned from the dead, taking the form of a sanquine vampire.  He returned to his lover, who told a local priest about his arrival.  I know local rumor has it that he spread plague to people, but I'm pretty sure they just appeared that way because the sanquine fed on their blood, leaving their carcasses behind.  I watched him do it.  Trust me, there was no plague involved.  

When the man appeared to the woman a second time, she insisted the priest take action.  The Priest gathered a bunch of men and the went out vampire hunting... mind you this is all taking place before the world vampire ever came to fruition, so I use the term vampire hunting loosely.  Either way they found the man in his grave and stabbed him in his heart with a stake.  Although he had been dead for some time, he bled warm, red blood confirming their suspicion that the vampire had been drining the blood of others, attempting to reinstate his life that was lost abruptly at the expense of his whore who was banging other men.

The vampire retreated in spirit form to the Alnwick Castle, where he has lived ever since until now.  When I woke up from my vision, I awoke with this item. After extensive testing, I was able to concur that this piece is a summoner item for the Vampire of Alnswick Castle.  He has died not once, but twice, so this piece is EXTRA Necropolitan.  However, with this piece he doesn't have to remain dead, per se.

This item allows you raise the Alnswick Vampire from his spiritual resting place, to call him forth into your own body.  He will fuse with your existence, awakening all of his sanguine powers within your own body.  It will create a sanguine/human hybrid.  The result will be that you will have the full powers of a sanguine vampire without the need to feast on human blood.  You will be given his psy-ops abilities to control other's mind's of others.  You will be given his sanguine sorcery ability, which is very powerful and encompasses many things including the ability to astral travel, telephoto, to gravitate the power of others, and to create your own powers.  

This item is the closest thing to one of our in-person vampire transformation services that you will be able to get other than the actual transformation services.  It allows to to live, see, feel and hear as a Sanguine vampire would have, while also allowing you all of his powers, magic, and ability!! 



Casefile: Vampire of Alnswick Castle
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