Casefile: Klein-Krams Werewolf

The other night when I was using my piece I was taken to the vicinity of the forests of Klein-Krams  In modern society, the forests aren't so thick, however, there was a time when the forests were thick and dense.  I only know this because I was taken there and I experienced it first had.  The forests were so rich with game that the dukes often came to the region to hold their hunts.  It was during these hunts when the huntsmen would almost inevitably encounter a wolf that couldn't be killed by even the most skilled of the huntsman.  He would steal their game right before their very eyes, turning and running into the village.  

This is where my experience began, as I was called by a hussar from Ludwigslut.  It was the same hussar who was travelling through the village when he entered the house of a man namedFeeg.  I was given his identity, because this was his way of telling his story to me.  My experience began as I walked into the house of Feeg and a flock of wild children began running towards, at which I questioned them as to why they were acting so wild.  In response the children told me that there was a small boy who would transform himself into a wolf when nobody was home.  The children ran in fear of being bitten.  

Soon after my experience with the children, the wolf began to appear at which point I turned to theFeeg child-- the small wolf boy-- trying to learn more about how he changed into a wolf.  It took me a lot of time and bribery to get the child to talk, but when I finally did he had the most peculiar of stories to tell me.  

The child began his story by telling me that his grandmother owned a strap and if he would put it on, he would instantly become a wolf.  As the hussar, I didn't believe his story.  I thought it was rubbish, so I asked him to prove it.  The boy blatantly refused, so I rebuked him for telling me lies.  At this, the boy made me sit in the rafters so that way I wouldn't be hurt by him and I watched from the loft as the boy put on the strap and transformed into a young wolf, not like a normal wolf but more like a human wolf.  

After the encounter, I inspected the belt, but I couldn't find anything peculiar.  I raced back to the village to tell the other foresters what I had seen, upon which there was a hunter who was hell bent on catching the wolf.  At the next hunt he inserted a silver bullet into his gun, boasting that today would be the day he would catch the wolf.  It did not take long for the wolf to itself at the hunt, at which the the huntsman shot the wolf with the silver bullet; however, the creature just continued to leap and bound stealing the huntsman game and eventually ran into the village, disappearing into the Feeg farmyard.  

In the search the ensued in the Feed home, they came upon a wolf in Feeg's grandmother's bed.  The wolf was under a blanket, wounded.  It was none other than Feeg's grandmother.  In all her pain she must've forgotten to take of her magic strap, thus revealing her secret. As the hussar, I secretly traveled back to Feeg's house later that evening.  As the grandmother died, she handed me her leather strap, taking what she regarded as a curse off of her offspring.  This is where my experience ended and when I woke up from my astral travel, I had this piece in my hand.  

Although this item isn't a leather strap, I know that it holds all the powers of the grandmother's magic leather strap.  Why she regarded this item as a curse and not a blessing is far beyond what I comprehend.  This item is one of the most powerful transmutation pieces that I have ever encountered.  I know because I have tested it after I acquired it!  

The person who owns this item will gain the ability to transform themselves on the astral plain, into a werewolf that will be able to run through the forests of Kleins-Karm.  This is a pretty awesome experience of its own, but consider  the following.  This piece is just one of the dozen like it. There are eleven sister pieces to this one.  Together they create a coven of 12 very powerful werewolves.  You can use this piece to gather in the realm of this coven, which is where they store all their magic and abilities.  You can use your piece, not just for transformative werewolf powers, but also the ability to gain all the dual magic powers of the werewolf coven.  It includes everything-- from spells and incantations, to protection powers, to wealth powers, to dual power sorcery and witchcraft.  This piece is an EXTREMELY powerful transformation piece.  If werewolves are your thing, then this piece is your token of Lycanthrope perfection!! 



Casefile: Klein-Krams Werewolf
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