Casefile: Creating Sons of God

Casefile:  Creating Sons of God

Here we go again... another explicit experience with the item that was mysteriously sent to Deedee and I.  However, this one is quite recent, as it happened to me just last week.  You see, we got some bad whether up this way and I was stranded by the snow in my house.  Now, I live in an older home and there is plenty of room; but when you are literally stuck in the house all day, even the rooms you rarely go in get boring.  The walls start to become your prison so I do what any normal person would do, curl up with a nice cup of cocoa and a book.... Hahaha, yeah right.  

Instead, what I chose to do with my night is astral travel!  Hey, if I can't leave my house, I might as well leave my body right?  Right!  I get so excited offering these items to you guys, because I know that they are very powerful in nature and until I solve the mystery behind the item that was sent to me, they're going to keep on a'coming.  This is how I got this item.  It is a very unique item and holds and extremely rare power.  

As I used my item, I was taken to a place that I have been to before, but which I was seeing in a different light.  I mean, every time you astral travel isn't going to be the same.  Rather, each time the way you perceive things is going to be a direct result of the purpose of your travel.  This time, I was guided by an ancient spirit that has been hanging around since Biblical times.  He is a direct descendant of the apostolic father, Abraham.  He is the great-grandfather of Noah-- you know, the one who built the arch.  If you guessed Enoch, you were correct!!  

Forget the rest of his experience during his life, because that isn't what my astral travel entailed.  Rather, I was taken by Enoch to the Garden of Eden-- the centralized realm of angels that God had originally planted for Adam and Eve the mortal beneficiaries of all his magic and all that he had to offer.  They had to go and screw it all up for us, so God now using this magic birthing place to host the most powerful of his legions of angels that he births and stores for the End of Times, the Holy Takeover and the Fall of the New Jerusalem.

Anyhow, the Garden of Eden is where I was taken.  I was drawn there specifically by Enoch.  As I watched, I became one with Enoch because this is the best possible scenario for what I was about to experience.  Looking through Enoch's eyes I was able to behold an ENTIRE host of angels, you know, the ones who were chillin' in the Garden of Eden waiting to be commissioned by the Creator to fight the war against Satan and his cronies.  We were fine, just standing there and stuff, when out of nowhere these two gi-normous angels take us-- remember I say us because we were exist as one at this point-- take us by the arm.  Next thing we know we are being catapulted into the air.  It turns out the Garden of Eden is lowest level of Heaven-- even in all its splendor and glory.  

As we are catapulted through the air, I was able to see and take in ALL of the splendor, glory, and holiness that has been created by the Lord our God.  I could see the hosts and realms of God that were spoken of all throughout the Bible.  I could even see the ones that weren't-- the secret realms and secret beings and powers held onto by God for the coming of the right time.  A lot of it was uncharted territory, not in the Bible, because it has yet to occur and the powers have yet to be given to the right person-- like gazing into futuristic pockets of time in the realm of Heaven.  It was an extremely humbling experience.  As we rose through the Seven Realms of Heavens, I could also see all of the celestial bodies; and not just the ones that we know of but all of the creations outside of our own solar system even.  I was able to see ALL of the works created by the might hand of God with his most powerful white light magic!  It was an experience I will not soon forget.  

When I descended back into the realm of the Garden of Eden to the host of angels that awaits the end time, I was given this item by one of the angels.  I think, historically, it was a gift from the angel to Enoch, but in this reliving of a divine, historical event, I was able to travel back to a past time and realm of Heaven, to receive the gift that was originally meant for Enoch.  I won't change things because the gift was a second item the second time around.  Enoch still has his item.  I was given mine.  I mean, what was he going to do with two of the same thing, anyhow?  Really?  s

Either way, this piece is extremely unique.  I know the item looks contemporary, but that's just so that way I could understand.  I mean, even though I traveled back to the past, my life cycle tells me I'm in 2014, so I have a contemporary mind.  This is why I was given a contemporary-looking item.  By contemporary I mean the picture that you see listed with this item.  The power in this item is a white light, Divine, ability of God.  It is extremely rare that this gift is given to a mortal so whomever ends up with this piece better treasure and relish that fact that they even have it.  I mean, yes-- you will be able to fly with angels to see everything that I have just described to you; but this piece represents so much more!!

Using this item, you will be able to birth your very own angels--." this is why I call it "Creating the Sons of God."  I say angels with an "s", because this piece is not a single-use item.  Rather, you can use this item to birth and host as few or as many angels as you would like.  They will be your own angels, but will correspond with the Angels of the Garden of Eden, where they will live when you are not summoning them.  Each of your angels will hold one white light power, ability, knowledge, wealth, truth, etc. that you will be able to use to further your own powers, abilities, state of existence, knowledge, etc.  You can keep creating angels, because the more you create the more powerful you will become, the more you will know, and the more fine tune your powers/abilities will become. 


This piece is absolutley beautiful and in sterling silver with a stone that shines like the heavens.

Casefile:  Creating Sons of God
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