Casefile: Bacchanalia Orgies

The other night I was using the item that we received mysteriously in the mail.  I'm never really sure what I'm going to encounter, as this piece is pretty random and has a mind of its own.  What I will say is that the spirit that guided me to this location did so with specific intent and purpose in mind.  It holds the powers of the Roman god of wine, intoxication, and sex, named Bacchus.  His festival is held on March 16th and 17th.  

When I first used this piece I was taken to a garden in another realm.  It was filled with very delightful colors that were pleasing to the eye.  The smells in the garden were pleasant. There was a warm breeze blowing that made the hairs on the back of my neck stick up with excitement.  I close my eyes and walked forward, feeling an energy take over me.  I opened my eyes, barely able to see straight, stumbling around, feeling my way along the path I was walking along.  Eventually, I was wobbling on my feet so bad that I fell down into a meadow.  

Overcome by pure intoxication, I began ruling around in a field laughing hysterically.  That's when I felt the spark of excitement in my inner groin.  It felt like little sparks of electric shocks throughout my body, only instead of electricity it was pure sexual pleasure.  It was like sexual pleasure on my penis... but all over my body, as if my entire body became one GIANT sex organ and the energy that was flowing through me was ready to please.  

As I laid there on my back, experience sheer joy of sexual pleasure, I began to see shapes take form in the meadow I was laying in.  The more I watched, the clearer of a form these shapes began to take place.  Before too long there were at least half a dozen sex nymphs standing over me caressing my body in all the right places.  I felt their hands all over my body, more like they were sending an energy flow of pure sex through my body.  

One particular nymph began to take form.  As I watched he transformed from a spirit shape to a very gorgeous man.  He came close to me, pressing his body up against mine.  I could feel every chisel of ever ab. I placed my hands on his chest as he lowered his head into mind and our lips locked, sending electric vibes up and down my spine.  I could feel my blood begin to flow, especially in "certain" places.  He wrapped his legs around my legs and his arms about my back, placing his hands on my ass.  He squeezed a little bit and then spanked gently.  

My breathing began to get heavy with intense pleasure, as did his.  I could feel his short deep breaths on my neck, his breath was sweet, and I began to grip in back up.  He flipped me around and could feel him inside me, filling all my voids.  I felt a sexual union with him unlike any other.  I was out of my body and so was he.  Instead of being two unique identities we were not one giant mass of sexual energy.  As we rocked back and forth, my breaths became gasps and the sheer pleasure became almost too much to bear.  I began to let out stifled moans at first, but as I neared climax I didn't much care too much anymore and I let the world-- well at least this world-- hear what was going on.  It had to be loud.  I know I'm a screamer.  As I neared climax, something like a geyser rushed deep from inside.  For the next 15 minutes I reached a point, where I felt the intensity of every orgasm I've had in my entire life time 1,000, but deep inside my soul from the inside out. I began to quiver as a entered a state of ecstasy, where the basic state of existence itself felt like an orgasm.  It was incredible.

After my 15 minute orgasm was up, I was still intoxicated with the smells and views of the garden.  I felt drunk and in another state of being.  What did I do??  I did it all over again-- with another one of the nymphs.  The same experience occurred; so I did it again... and again... and again.  It was seriously the BEST sexual experience that I've had in a VERY long time!!  

When I finally came out of my astral travel trance, I was left this piece.  The piece is a reflection of the spirit that pulled me in the punch drunken garden in the first place-- Bacchus.  Again, he is the Roman god of wine, intoxication, and sex.  He managed to put me under all three of his spells.  It was an amazing time.  However, coming up this piece is going to be even better.  His festival is going to be celebrate on March 16 and 17 which is right around the corner. During this time your experiences will become more passionate, vibrant, and sensual.  You really don't want to miss out on this pure, passionate, sexual encounter.  It will leave your knees weak and you body shaking!

This piece will bring you pure sex energy in whatever form you want it to appear in.  It will come in the form of a man, a woman, a mythological beast such as a centaur, if you want.  It will perform any sexual fetish you have.  It will be calm and sensual or freaky and fun.  It will give you oral sex, sexual intercourse, astral sex, or any other type of sex or sexual action that you desire.  It will literally live out your deepest, inner most sexual fantasies!  Welcome to the garden-- dare I say.. the jungle!  Enjoy! 


This ring is very old and in Sterling siver. A 15 minutes non stop orgasm is well worth the price. I can still feel it now! That is another thing. Once you do it you can be anwhere and just think about it and you need to hold on!

Casefile: Bacchanalia Orgies
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