Carolann Doll

The Island of the Dolls is very creepy place and is situated between the canals of Xochimico, just south of Mexico City.  The island is dedicated to the lost soul of some young girl who died at a very young age.  Her fate came not only too soon, but was also surrounded by controversy.  It was never found out what the girl was doing so close to the water or how she managed to drown. 
Shortly after the caretaker of the island found the body, he found a doll floating in the water.  He hung the doll up in order to placate the soul of the dead girl.  Unfortunately, the girl haunted the man, who kept on hanging these strange dolls all over the island.  After time passed, he realized that the dolls he was placing around the island had become possessed with the spirits of the dead.  This is because the island serves as a vortex into the spirit world.  Once he put a vessel there, it gave the girl a medium in which to travel.  The rest is pretty much common sense.  As he put more and more dolls up, and as the tradition caught on, you can imagine the island became a wasteland of lost souls in the bodies of creepy dolls.  
We visited the Island of the Dolls on investigation.  It is one of the most surreal places that you will ever visit, if you have the guts to go there in the first place.  We were taken by canal boat to the island.  As we neared the island, we could hear the spirits of the dead calling to us from the mouths of the dolls.  They called to us like sirens, begging us to visit their desolate island.  For what reason, I know not.  We took protection pieces with us, so we couldn't fall under any of the souls' traps.  Heads hanging on branches turned and watched us as we made way to the island.  Limbs of dolls reached out to us, as if trying to drag us to the underworld with them.  
We took several mediums and transcendence agents with us, in order to make these dolls.  In order for us to pull a soul through they had to have something to offer us, either in the way of a mystical ability, psychic ability, metaphysical power, or any other number of interesting supernatural characteristics.  They have all come willingly, as they all feel their time on Earth was cut short with no purpose.  These are their stories:  
The first doll we conjured was the soul Heather O'Rourke.  You will know her better by her most famous stage name, Carolann.  Yes, as in the Carolann who was constantly being harassed by evil spirits in the trilogy, Poltergeist.  The funny thing about the making of this movie is that it carried a curse of its own.  It is not uncommon for horror movie sets to be cursed.  The reason behind this is because traveling souls see these sets and think that they are real life.  They then become intermingled in a strange kind of reality, where they think that the humans are actually doing what they are pretending to do for the silver screen.  This is what happened on the set of the Poltergeist.  Many who were involved in the making of the movie AND the television spin-off years later, suffered demise at the hands of the evil spirit who actually haunted the set of the trilogy.  
After filming the first Poltergeist, Dominique Dunne who played older sister Dana was strangled by her ex-boyfriend.  She was strangled for a total of 5-7 minutes, causing her to slip into a coma from which she never awoke.  Julian Beck played the infamous Kane on the set of the Poltergeist II.  He died seven months before the release date of Poltergeist II, after being diagnosed with stomach cancer.  Will Sampson, better known as Taylor the Native American good spirit, in Poltergeist II died after receiving a heart-lung transplant.  
Then, there is the dear little Carolann (O'Rourke).  We call her Carolann, because we like that name better.  As I've said, her character was played by Heather O'Rourke.  Her soul was finally claimed in 1988 after succumbing to septic shock at the San Diego Children's Hospital.  Her soul was claimed by the demonic presence, which drug her to the underworld.  When we visited the Island of the Dolls, we resurrected her soul into this doll.
Carolann is a fully mobile doll.  She has quite the explosive personality and she wants a family worse than you can imagine.  She will protect your home at all times from any type of dark or evil entities.  She hates them and since she has been resurrected she has taken an oath to protect her family from evil.  She enjoys sitting and gazing out the window, but she is a very active doll.  Don't be startled if she gets up to move around, or even starts talking to you.  While she was in the office she sang to us.  They were mostly kid songs like you would hear on Sesame Street, but they made her happy so we let her sing.  She will be less like a doll, and more like a child that you don't really have to take care of.  You don't need to feed her, but she does like a lot of attention.  You will have to hold her, rock her, brush her hair, and play with her daily.    
Being in the spirit realms has given Carolann a tremendous ability.  She will allow you to see into the spiritual realms.  When you're holding her, you can ask her to show you these realms.  You will then be able to call and conjure any soul that you choose to communicate with.  This can a relative or deceased love one that you want to see again or need to talk to for whatever purpose.  You can also use this ability to bring forth a soul that will give you power.  For instance, you can use this piece to call forth the soul of a sorcerer or witch to give you their power.  These souls will appear to you in full form, but they will have to leave you when you are done communicating with them.  No worries, you can use Carolann for this ability an unlimited amount of times.    
Carolann Doll
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