This piece is, literally, a trip down memory lane.  I'm not going to go into how this piece will allow you to physically travel to any point in time that you want to visit.  If I told you that I would be lying.  However, what this piece does, in my opinion, is even better.  We got this piece during an investigation in Syria, before all the terrorist stuff starting happening.  It was actually about ten years ago that Haunted Curiosities acquired this piece and we have refrained from posting it to the website, because it actually helped us through many subsequent investigations; but we feel that the time is right for us to offer it up to the next owner.  This piece was found a synagogue in Damascus, owned by a elite group of ancientKabbalists, who have relied on the powers that they have developed as per the magic that was given to the by God, to survive as long as they have.  I'm not saying this piece is super ancient, what I'm saying is that the power has come from a group of highly trained kabbalistrabbis who are very well trained in what they do because they've had-- well, forever-- to perfect their magic.  

This piece is a direct teleportation item, which means that when you use it, you must meditate with it.  It will allow your mind to ascend in to what is known as the AkashicRecords.  It is the Cosmic Memory.  It is a repository of all that has been thought or done.  It recounts everything that has ever happened in the history of forever and is constituted by the Astral Light.   It is in these realms that history repeats itself and those who are adept enough to travel to the Akashic Record will be able to experience just what it has to offer.  By "just what" I literally mean everything.  When using this piece we were able to travel back in time to the to see ancient Atlantis.  We were able to travel to the building of the Pyramids to see who really gave the Egyptians the secrets.  We were able to travel to the times of the ancient Mayan civilization when they were building their controversial calendars.  We were able to travel back to the time when Jesus was being nailed to the cross, like a live version of Passion of the Christ.  We used this piece to see into the ancient magic of the Chaldeansand the Sumerians, and to see when Noah built his Ark or where the Holy Grail really exists.  This piece has come in handy so many times for two reason.  

First reason, is when you use this piece you can literally see things as if you were a fly on the wall.  You can experience things first hand as if you were actually there, when in actuality it is the Akashic Record that is recreating history for you.  Another way you can use this, is to peer into time to a time when people were developing magic.  You can watch them as they develop it and then recreate it for yourself.  Essentially, what this piece provides for you, through your astral travels to the Akashic Records, is access to all things that have ever happened in history, so you can experience what you want to experience and gain the powers from those things that you need to gain powers from.  It is free-form magic and will do any type of magic that you want, as long as it was recorded by the Cosmic Memory, which everything is, then you will be able to see and replicate it!!

The piece is a pendant on a charm.  It is not sterling silver, but the stones are genuine and authentic.  Besides, with this one it's not really about the composition of the piece, but the powers which is held in the piece.  I guarantee you've never had one quite like this before!! 

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