he treasure of Villena are one of the world's largest and most valuable hoard of treasure found from the European Bronze Age  It was found on the Iberian Peninsula, more specifically Villena, Spain.  It was found in the 1960s and put on display.  It has since become the most successful exhibit in Villena's Archaeological Museum.  The treasure was stumbled upon by accident during the excavation of some ruins and has turned up to be the second most important treasure found in Europe, ever.  There are a total of 59 objects-- mostly cups, bowls, and bracelets-- made out of gold, silver, iron, and amber.  It comes from a time during which iron was considered a precious metal, so this booty is worth more than meets the eye.  I mean, the gold itself puts the value up, but considering the supposed value of iron, this means that the loot had to belong to some seriously rich individual or individuals.   See, that's the biggest mystery with the treasure.  Nobody seems to know where the loot comes from.  There have been speculations, but there is no set answer.  With that being said, there probably are never going to be any set answers because the speculations are wrong.  How, you ask me?  Well, I thought you'd never ask. 

So, you already know that I know some people who know some people.  There's no issue there.  This particular knowledge that was brought to my attention came to me from Raviniska, as she is the one who gave me this piece.  I wasn't around for the original discovery of the treasure.  As she is an immortal you must know that she, on the other was.  She was in Barcelona at the time that the treasure was dug up and immediately felt a change of energy in the realm of magic.  Yes, they are two different realms and they feel two different ways.  She told me that she hadn't realized the treasure was brought up from its resting spot, she began to feel a bit nervous and uneasy as she notice the atmospheric changes.  When she had a chance she flipped through the news to see if there had been anything interesting happening that day.  Sure enough, on the news, it was documented that the treasure was found. She immediately recognized the treasure, which wasn't necessarily a good thing, because, as she described to me, the treasure had the potential to release a Pandora's Box on the world.  She immediately channeled some of her white light cohorts in an attempt to reverse the curse that was put into place on the treasure. 

The treasure itself was once the possession of an ageless vampire named Cordova.  He had originally been around since somwhere right after the creation of the world.  He had a particular affinity for wealth, which clearly shows.  This collection is full of one-piece items that could literally set somebody for an entire life time. Well, he had multitudes of life times to hoard all this stuff, which is what he did.  During the Spanish Inquisition he was more less tricked by a mortal into captivity and was eventually vanquished from the mortal realm.  He didn't leave, though, before he could put a curse on his lot of treasure.  Thus, when the treasure was excavated, so was the curse.  The curse was bad, and I can't say for sure what the curse was exactly, because I really don't know what the curse was.  There is speculation that aside from gold, Cordova was an excellent alchemical sorcerer.  I is rumored that removing his treasure from its final resting spot would bring about an Apocalyptic type of end to the world.  Raviniska recognized, what was going on, because she was familiar with the magic that is commonly referred to in the magical underground as Cordova's Curse. 

Needless to say, the curse was reversed in time, or we wouldn't be here right now.  This is not the only thing that was extracted from the items the day Raviniska and her team pretty much rescued the world.  Fused into each of the treasures that Cordova had hidden in Villena was a wealth spell.  There are 59 pieces.  There could be more somewhere else, but I don't know about them in there are.  These 59 spells are the original wealth spells of Cordova.  They originally were attached to the 59 ornaments in the Treasure of Villena.  Now, all 59 of them have been conjured into this piece in a effort to produce a MASSIVE wealth attraction piece.  As for the curse, it's been banished just like Cordova has-- and don't feel bad for the guy anyway.  He was a sanguine who went on murderous feeding frenzies.  According to Raviniska nobody really liked him anyway. 

The 59 spells aren't really that important as what they do for you.  The 59 spells pull together to create one super power.  This power is going to pull wealth in for you from all directions and all areas of your life.  With the power in this piece you will notice that wealth begins to roll itself into your life subtly-- like maybe a few lottery or casino earnings.  However, after it has been established and the piece has really bonded to your energy, you will begin to notice the wealth pouring out in abundance.  This is possibly one of the strongest wealth items that I have every touched.  It will work wealth for you on so many different levels.  I mean it will bring you cash, success, prosperous financial endeavors, inheritances, and so much more.  There really are too many to list.  Just know that this ONE wealth piece has the power of 59 separate wealth spells, all working together constantly-- to bring you wealth beyond your wildest imagination!!



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