The Fool. The 4 of Wands. Colonel Mustard? Draw Four? 8 of Spades? Have you ever given a reading to someone, but your deck didn't just feel right or that it didn't truly belong to you? Have you ever doubted the results of this reading to this feeling of dissociation? Are you considered by those around you for your dreamy and creative qualities? Do you sometimes find yourself overly sensitive when it comes to your families and friends? Is your personality very adaptive in social situations? Splash! You have landed yourself in the pond of Pisces, the zodiac sign represented by twin fish with their tails tied together. A Pisces is characterized as being very honest and loyal. They are also known for doing charitable events and social work for those less fortunate. They are good at noticing very minute details that other miss and have the ability to recall any information when needed and in it's entirety. A Piscean is always looking to learn new things and enjoy traveling. They have very high standards of excellence and can sometimes appear to be impatient with people that don't meet their expectations, but that does tend to bring out the best in others around them. Pisceans are known to enjoy their privacy when all other affairs in their lives have been dealt with- to their satisfaction. Some interesting facts about Pisceans: -Between February 20-March 20 -Birthstone: Amethyst (February) and Bloodstone/Aquamarine (March) -Zodiac Element: Water -Ruling Planet(s): Neptune/Jupiter -Lucky days: Thursday and Friday -Lucky Color: Sea Green and Lavender -Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 6, and 7 -Lucky Stones: Amethyst and Yellow Sapphire -Lucky Flowers: Orchids, Violets, and Water Lillies -Metal(s): Platinum, Germanium, and Strontium This piece is designed to harness and focus the power of your Tarot Deck with your particular Zodiac sign and create a stronger bond with you and your mystical cards. All you have to do is place your Tarot cards face down on the surface of the plate when they are not in use and they will be infused with the energies related to your individual birthsign granting you greater powers of divination and making your cards more attuned to you and with you.
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