The Fool. The 4 of Wands. Colonel Mustard? Draw Four? 8 of Spades? Have you ever given a reading to someone, but your deck didn't just feel right or that it didn't truly belong to you? Have you ever doubted the results of this reading to this feeling of dissociation? Are you considered to be reserved and modest? Are you known for your hardworking nature? Do you think with your head and your decisions extremely practical? Maaaaah! Splash! You have the unique opportunity to have butted heads with a Capricorn, the astrological sign recognized as the Goat or the "Sea Goat" (an animal with the front half of a goat and the tail section of a fish). A true Capricorn is very reserved, almost to the point of being considered an introvert. They have a very disciplined and serious outlook on life and are known for using diplomacy for resolving conflicts. Another trait of the Capricorn is an over-abundance of patience and doesn't mind waiting for the things in life that they want. Capricorn's are extremely ambitious and even though it seems that they take the longer, slower route to the top- they inevitably reach their goals. A true Capricorn utilizes all of the resources and tools at their disposal (hard work, time management, creativity, and leadership) to achieve their ambitions. Some interesting facts about Capricorns: -Between December 22-January 20 -Birthstone: Turquoise/Zircon (December) and Garnet (January) -Zodiac Element: Earth -Ruling Planet(s): Saturn -Lucky days: Saturday -Lucky Color: Dark Green, Dark Blue, and Dark Indigo -Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, and 8 -Lucky Stones: Garnet and Blue Sapphire -Lucky Flowers: Ivy, Pansy, and Carnations -Metal(s): Lead This piece is designed to harness and focus the power of your Tarot Deck with your particular Zodiac sign and create a stronger bond with you and your mystical cards. All you have to do is place your Tarot cards face down on the surface of the plate when they are not in use and they will be infused with the energies related to your individual birthsign granting you greater powers of divination and making your cards more attuned to you and with you.
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