The Fool. The 4 of Wands. Colonel Mustard? Draw Four? 8 of Spades? Have you ever given a reading to someone, but your deck didn't just feel right or that it didn't truly belong to you? Have you ever doubted the results of this reading to this feeling of dissociation? Do people consider you to be honest, kind, and somewhat noble? Are you highly intellectual and do you possess a highly scientific mind? Do you have the ability to judge a person correctly and are you not easily deceived? Then you are most likely an Aquarian, born under the sign of Aquarius- the Water Bearer. Typical Aquarians share these same characteristics, they are highly adept and maintaining a balance between love and friendship- as well as intellect and emotions. Aquarians are known for being deep thinkers and capable of solving complex problems. Aquarians are known for having something a rebellious nature and revel in thinking outside of the proverbial box. They have a tendency to be extremely direct, well-organized, and make very good leaders. Aquarians are also renowned for their ability to make decisions based upon equality, freedom, and fairness. Aquarians aren't known for being terribly romantic (or terrible at being romantic) as they are not interested in playing games when it comes to dating and relationships. Aquarians are very straightforward people and when they say something- they typically mean it. Aquarians are very logical thinkers with ideas that are clear and practical. Some interesting facts about Aquarians: -Between January 21-February 19 -Birthstone: Garnet (January) and Amethyst (February) -Zodiac Element: Air -Ruling Planet(s): Saturn/Uranus -Career Planet: Pluto -Money Planet: Neptune -Health: The Moon -Lucky days: Saturday and Sunday -Astral Stone: Aquamarine -Lucky Color: Blue and/or Black -Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 10, 39, and 49 -Tree: Pine -Animal: Fox -Metal(s): Pewter and Lead This piece is designed to harness and focus the power of your Tarot Deck with your particular Zodiac sign and create a stronger bond with you and your mystical cards. All you have to do is place your Tarot cards face down on the surface of the plate when they are not in use and they will be infused with the energies related to your individual birthsign granting you greater powers of divination and making your cards more attuned to you and with you.
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