This piece belonged to the CIA and was used as a polygraph and a mind control device. This originally came from a very well known cult group that has used alien technology to "clear " people and also to know ALL past lives. They used it for this purpose because to know all past lives allows you to become a free theta ( spirit) with out the hangups and curses and past life issues. The machine helps you to work through them. They have found that all people have past lives and that many are traumatic and this is what effects them today. This is what prevents people from actually gaining God like abilities. If your all a spirit inside a body ( trapped) you can not move freely through the heavenly and other realms. You have forgotten how to long ago in one of your past lives. Now that is what it was meant to be used for. Here is what the CIA did with it. First of all they used it as a pre-torture device. This is where the polygraph part comes into play. They would use this in the country and out of it on other intelligence people that they caught. They would tie them to a chair and make them hold the cans and ask the questions they needed answers to. This was great for them because it was not a lot of equipment to carry,no need for the paper or needles that are easily breakable. They had the case special made for this with locks on it but we do not know the combination to it. The case is made by Halliburton and if you know who they are you know they are a government organization. The case is supposed to be bullet proof and bomb proof. Not sure on that as we didn't test that part. What this will do for you. This is a polygraph and a past life extractor. I will have to tell you just how to use it for that purpose,Jason will not be able to answer that question. This will also show you the future but you first must do the past life. It will also clear up ALL mental problems!!! I do mean ALL!!! This unit does that by creating a discharge of negative emotions that cause the other problems. It's pretty amazing actually. Now unfortunately due to the nature of this item and where I got it,it will only be available until Next Friday and that is IT! SO IF you want this you will have to make up your mind very quickly. You will not be disappointed at all with this product.
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