If you are an avid follower of the new items that we put up on the website, then you will remember my friend Mo. He is a Moroccan kid that I met in a class like two semesters ago. He was a pretty neat individual, indeed. He was very smart. He was here on a visa to attend college, which means during the summer vacation period he sometimes got to travel back to Morocco to see his family. We became good friends in class. His name was Mohammad, but I called him Mo for short. He promised to bring me back a pair of the moccasins he wore... I called the Genie Shoes. I also asked him to take me on a magic carpet ride; so you can imagine... it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Recently, I met up with him. Apparently he took a part time job at a local grocer as a cashier so he could save up some money to go see his family. I told him that I would give him a loan. He agreed to get his parents to give him the money to pay me. It was in December of 2011 we agreed to the loan. He left in June of 2012 and recently returned. Upon returning he returned my money and gifted me an item. At first I didn't understand why he gave me this item. It was a rock that was jagged and purplish in color. Deedee told me later that the rock is actually real amethyst! After thinking about it for a while, I remembered that he was one of my few classmates that knew about my involvement with Haunted Curiosities. I mentioned it in a conversation I had jokingly brought up about whether he was a genie or not. He then saved up to buy a djinn item. It was a win-win. Keeping this in mind, I knew that the piece he gave me probably held some kind of magic. I took it to the office and Jason helped me test it. The rock came from a place called Daniel's Cave. The cave is located in a covert section of Morocco, somewhere out in the desert. You have to do some kind of weird thing in the sand with a special type of diving rod. The gates are guarded by ancient djinn and the people inside are witch pupils, who are learning the ancient magic of the djinn, as it was taught to them while they were still in spiritual progression form. This rock comes from the cave of Daniel and isn't merely an item that was made. It was chiseled from the living breathing rock, that is alive in the same manner that the Sphinx is also alive. While the rock is for sale, Jason and I were able to successfully hold a Djinn Sigil, during which we conjured up a triad of Djinn who are simply known as the 3 Morrocan Travelers. We did this using the rock as well as a mixture of cinnamon, ginger, and thyme, and the flames from three purple candles. Each candle represented one third of the triad. They came through the flames and left through the flames. Each time we used this item the Sigils became more and more powerful! In fact, we were able to use this item to hold a Sigil that produces two separate items that are also for sale as two separate listings from this one. They are item numbers 8271209 and 82712010 ON WWW.HAUNTEDCOLLECTOR.NET. THIS IS THE PIECE LISTED ABOVE AS ITEM NUMBER 82712090. IT IS CALLED THE THE CHARGING HAND OF THE DJINN. IT IS MADE ENTIRELY OF WOOD. I'M NOT REALLY SURE WHAT TYPE OF WOOD, BUT I CAN TELL YOU THAT IT IS A VERY STURDY WOOD. JASON AND I WERE CONFUSED WHEN WE FIRST GOT THIS PIECE AND IT TOOK US A DAY OR TWO TO ACTUALLY FIGURE OUT WHAT THE PIECE WAS ALL ABOUT. WE HAD TO SUMMON THE DJINN ONCE MORE FOR A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF THE ITEM. IT WAS THEN THAT WE FULLY UNDERSTOOD WHAT THIS ITEM IS. THIS PIECE IS A DJINN CHARGER! YOU CAN DO ONE OF TWO THINGS WITH THIS ITEM. 1.) YOU CAN USE THIS PIECE TO CHARGE YOUR CURRENTLY ENCHANTED ITEMS. IT WILL SUPERCHARGE THEIR POWERS, MAKING THEM CRISPER, CLEARER, AND EASIER TO SUMMON AND OBTAIN. 2.) THIS PARTICULAR METHOD I FOUND TO BE EXTREMELY EXCITING! IF YOU PUT A PIECE THAT HASN'T BEEN ENCHANTED WITH POWERS YET ONTO THIS HAND-- YOU CAN PUT A RING ON ITS FINGER OR DRAPE A NECKLACE OR BRACELET IN BETWEEN THE HAND'S FINGERS-- AND IT WILL GIVE IT A POWER. WHATEVER POWER YOU MEDITATE ON, THE CHARGING HAND OF THE DJINN WILL GIVE TO YOUR ITEM. THIS HAND HOLDS THE SOUL OF A VERY OLD DJINN THAT HAS INHABITED THE ITEM FOR QUITE SOME TIME. IT WAS PLACED THERE BY A SORCERER. HE IS NOW TOTATLLY SUBSERVIENT TO HIS MASTER-- OR THE PERSON WHO OWNS THIS ITEM! WE WERE ACTUALLY ABLE TO MAKE A COUPLE DIFFERENT ITEMS WITH THE CHARGING HAND! ONCE YOU SUMMON THE DJINN BY MEDITATING ON THE POWER YOU WANT, IT WILL ENERGETICALLY CHARGE THE ITEM WITH THE ABILITY YOU WANT IT TO HAVE!! ISN'T THAT AWESOME?? DON'T MESS AROUND, I HAVE A FEELING THIS PIECE WON'T LAST VERY LONG ONCE IT IS OFFICIALLY LISTED TO THE WEBSITE!
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