It seems that today I'm just adding on items that I personally love. This is one of them. This is a charging box shaped like a Russian jeweled egg. In fact this was given to me by an old Russian woman living in NYC. She moved here not to long ago and used to be part of the KGB and moved over here with her daughter who was a Russian bride. If your ever thinking of getting a Russian bride,dont! They are only coming over here for money and to get out of Russia.  That is not part of this so I will get to it.


She was KGB for along time but on her own time she practiced powerful magic that she learned from her grandmother so we are going back a long time considering how old she is. This is a newer piece and I asked her why she made charging pieces and she said because the magic today is watered down,it is just not as powerful as it used to be because of the way it is done. She told me most of the ancient ways are lost but you can still make magic but that it does need an energy to not become dull or unusable.


With each stone in this egg she gave a power to. So you have a heavy energy right out of the box to charge your items. This will charge one piece at a time and will empower the piece to 50,000 times it power. Now I asked why so much and she just repeated what she already told me about the magic today being a but weak. The other thing I like about the box is that it will create for you. You can drop a empty vessel in the box and create what your wanting with little or no experience because of the 50,000 times power it holds. WHen you hold it you will also feel the power before you ever use it.

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