There isn't really much to know about these little sprites, so this will be a very short description.  As you know, the Gypsy culture and their magic is one that leaves people scratching their heads, still wondering how it has become so powerful.  I can tell you right now the reason why the Gypsy's, also known as the Romani, magic was so powerful is because the Romani people are actually a breakaway sect of ancient Egyptians, who carried with them the knowledge of ancient Egyptians and the magic of the universe.  For the most part the Gypsies were good people and used their magic for white light purposes.  The spirits that are conjured into these pieces, with the help of our own Gypsy witch Grizzelle, are called Davanni.  

Davanni are beneficent spirits of good fortune.  They will take any situation that you may be encountering and turn it into something that will benefit you in a positive light.  These pieces have already been supercharged with the power of the Davanni, however when you get your piece and you first put it on, you must connect with your spirit.  You will know when you've done this, because it will show itself to you in its astral form.  It will look kind of like a fairy and when it shows itself to you, you will know that it is ready to grant your request.  You must then ask the Davanni spirit for help in a specific area of your life.  You can ask for love, wealth, health, whatever, and the Davanni will bless your life with whatever you ask for using its beneficent magic. 

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