CALLING ALL LOST SPIRITS There are many times when a vessel gets lost, or a spirit seems to escape from a piece and bond to a new item... this kit will en and this kit will call back the spirit for you so that you can biond to yourself or a new vessel. You do not need to send your vessels anywhere or spend money every time you have lost a vessel. Simply call back the spirit. You can use the Enhancer as many times as you like ~! This is simple and easy for everyone . It is designed for the novice. Unlike the so called EASY spells this is designed for everyone. We have had people with lots of experience and those with little experience use these and it never fails to work with all spirits! It should work on most haunted items --- the only issue would be if there is a blockage on the energies of any of the pieces... if it is something internal within you -- this will not change that. This enhancer will make the transition smooth and easy for any spirit --- this is a great piece~! ** There are several of these available --- Lindy will select one of them for you and it will be mailed out.
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