Brother Number One and The Race of Horus

These pieces are rather involved, so in order for you to get the full effect I need you to pay close attention.  I'm not saying that this piece is difficult to use, because it's not.  What I'm saying is that the story behind it is strange and doesn't really add up.  However, it is a true story and it is what it is.  I'm not sure why it happened this way, but this is trick with some of these pieces that we offer-- sometimes there are explanations for where things come from but the explanations don't have explanations-- meaning things happen for no apparent reason. 

Brother Number One refers to a man that, according to history books, is really named Saloth Sar.  He used the moniker Pol Pot, and was a very distant and complicate fellow even to his fellow communists in Cambodia.  The first journalists to ever interview Pol Pot came from behind the Iron Curtain in Yugoslavia and the only question they really had on their mind was, "Who are you?"  Seems like a simple question right?  Well with Pol Pot, who eventually ordered everyone to refer to him as Brother Number One, this question isn't so easy to answer.  

They say he was born in rural Cambodia, although nobody knows for sure.  He came from an otherwise well-off family of peasants, which seemed like a bit of an oxymoron to me, because from my understanding well-off isn't exactly a way to describe peasants.  Apparently in Cambodia you have two types of people.  Super poor peasants and then not-so-super-poor peasants and these were the ones who were "well-off."  Either way ,his family had ties to the Royal Family of Cambodia and when he was old enough and graduate high school, Brother Number One decided he would travel to Paris to study radio electricity.  It was from this point on, the young man became kind of strange.  

He returned to Cambodia to organize the Kampuchean Communist Party and orchestrate mass genocide to create a perfect race.  I say this like it happened over night, but it was an effort that actually took over a decade to accomplish.  And till this day nobody really understands what he was trying to accomplish, because he was very secretive about his operations, only ever being seen in the flesh a handful of times.  

After acquiring these items, I have the skinny on what was actually going on.  While, I'm not saying that genocide or Brother Number One are right, I do understand what he was trying to do.  You see, power and magic in the hands of those who cannot handle or control it can be a bad thing.  What wasn't known about BN One is that during his stay in France, he hooked up with a group of ageless magical clerics that are part of a secret fraternity of adepts that pretty much run the underground scene in France-- even to this day.  They are known as the Race of Horus.  However, they aren't the true race of Horus either.  They just know what they are doing with the power that has been given to them by the Race of Horus and they have their shit together-- unlike Pol Pot, who didn't have a clue what he was doing with his magic.  He took his power back to Cambodia, used it to get into politics, then tried to cleanse Cambodia of evil, to create an Aryan race kind of like Hitler did.  The reason he hides is because he has undergone complete transformation into full magic form and didn't want people to know this for obvious reasons.  

  We have bee lucky enough to get these pieces.  I can't tell you how we came into contact with them, only that we did and that we have them and that they are available for purchase through Haunted Curiosities.  This piece is a power that allows you to astrally travel into a pocket of time-space where a race of perfect, flawless, magically empowered people live.  These people reside in this pocket, in a city of gold that has been built using soul alchemy and rivals the palaces of Heaven.  The people that live here sustain their life form solely by the powers of Horus, the Egyptian deity.  Horus, is the cyclic life form and a multi-layered god who is actually five existences in one.  He created this realm for this Aryan Race of people he created using his own form of raw, pure life-force power-- the same way God create humans, only we are less advanced.  This is what Brother Number One tried to emulate and failed miserably.  
These pieces has been cleansed of any spiritual blemished that may have occurred, although with a power this great it would be hard to hold anything negative for too long of a time.  Our team at Haunted Curiosities has created a spiritual buffer for this item, so that way you don't have any issues using it like Brother Number One obviously did.  This piece will allow you to travel astrally into the time-space pocket to the golden city of Horus. Once there you will become like the Race of Horus.  You will be given magic powers that are pure Egyptian magic, straight from the Gods.  It is the divine knowledge to know all things and to know the life cycle of existence and to exist in all layers of existence as once.  It's so powerful that it's not even white light magic, but golden-light magic which is the most powerful to obtain because it will give you the alchemy necessary to exist as the Race of Horus in the mortal realms to practice all Egyptian powers and magic.   It is essentially the basis for Freemason magic and the Enlightenment, only it's like 1000 times stronger and more direct, because the powers are coming directly from Horus, not from teachings or magic rites to obtain the powers. 
We are offering these at a low price because we have more then one,not because they are not powerful. We often do that so many can get a great piece. If we have more then one we will pass the savings on to you and that is what we are doing with these. Now these are fragile so you will want to be careful with them. They have been made by using the inside of the pyramid walls.
I have 7 of these and if I only had one the price would be about 500.00 a piece. Because I have more then that they are 70.00 so grab them while you can and know that this will be one great piece that you got for a steal!
Brother Number One and The Race of Horus
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